Social Distancing : The Blogging Version

Atticus Quote

Atticus Quote – Pinterest

My passion isn’t home at the moment.

I have honestly been staring at this page blankly over the last few weeks to get back into posting some trends and the usual content and I literally have nothing for you. I really wish I had a head full of content and ideas and lots of interesting and new things to post about and talk about but I just don’t. This has happened to me a few times over the years (as is obvious by my posts timelines) where I go through spells of zero posts and even my instagram goes quiet sometimes because I just don’t have the creativity or the ideas to keep the content going on a regular basis and then after a while BOOM I can have three posts being written at once and I get back into a flow but I think with lockdown and being at home for so long I just wasn’t exposed to new things to buy and try from stores to give me inspiration to create posts. You all know I am not the type of “blogger” who has something new to show off every week, do photoshoots, run around here there and everywhere going to new places and trying new things and throwing on full make up looks for the gram and if you didn’t then the clues in the title. Basic. Basic in nature, basic in blog.

Honestly I just have had no motivation to write at the moment. With everything going on in the world and being back at work and being in this sort of limbo time where no ones really sure whats going on I don’t really know what to write about right now. I’m not shopping around for things as I usually would as theres nowhere to wear it to except to work, Im not buying or wearing make up that much because I have to put a mask on wherever I go so theres not much point doing my normal full face make up so Im just doing a minimal look for work. To be honest I’m either at work now or in an oversized sweatshirt and bicycle shorts when I’m at home and thats it. I have no desire to be out and about in crowds with the exception of small family gatherings and going into town for the normal household supplies. I ventured into Penny’s for the first time the other day and it was nice to get out and about the town was absolutely heaving so I’m not going into town itself too often. 

There has been a lot to keep up with during this pandemic from the wildfires in Australia, the virus, the black lives matter movement, potential break out of world war 3, and all and everything thats gone on in-between in each individual country as well as other tragedies in the press such as Kobe Bryant and his thirteen year old daughter Giovanna tragically being killed along with friends and the crew (thoughts go out to Vanessa and all the families involved), the tragic death of actress Naya Rivera who’s son had to witness his mother passing (thoughts are with her son and family), the explosion in Beirut, and all the other things that have gone on so far this year so I think everyone is just sort of muddling through their own situations and lives in their own ways. So good luck to the children of the future dealing with the chapter on 2020 in the history books because that shits going to be packed and its only August as I write this. I am considering doing a post on the topic on my support for Black Lives Matter as I have done a few posts on Inspiration Black Women over on my Instagram so maybe I will go into further detail here on the women I chose.

So for now until the passion comes back I probably won’t be posting. I have also made the decision to remove the Basic Facebook page as I don’t update it as often as I should and honestly the need for it just isn’t there. So if you are following the Facebook page and want to keep up then please follow the Twitter and Instagram pages as they are posted to frequently. I think 2020 is an utter write off at this point and hopefully 2021 will be a reset and we can go back to our normal lives as much as possible. In order to do that though can everyone please just start wearing masks and only go to things if necessary regardless of your opinion on the matter? Just the sooner people stop pushing against the need to take precautions the sooner we can go back to the regularly scheduled programming that is our normal lives. Cheers. 

Hopefully I won’t be gone too long guys but for now Im just taking some time to reconnect with BASIC By Lily and fall back in love with it. Like in any relationship myself and the blog have hit a bit of slump and Im working my way back to being in love with it.

So stay safe and I will speak to you all in a little while and in the words of the Terminator 

“I’ll Be Back”

Ever yours




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