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My Glassware Shelf

As we are still in lockdown we are obviously spending more time than usual in our homes and for me I have started noticing all the little bits that I could use around the house and having little ideas about some decor things so I have been in a decor mood lately. As I am only renting I restricted from doing a full re-do of my apartment because were not allowed to hang pictures, paint, etc so I can only really get decor pieces and the essentials like storage and the basic essentials. I am getting very into storage boxes and jars thanks to Stacey Solomen’s Instagram account where she does really nice little DIY pieces made from old bits she has lying around, has really great storage ideas and just has a really nice home decor style and tricks even though its just a hobby she has!

What prompted this post is because Himself bought a new television recently and it triggered me changing up the TV table which led to me wanting to re-organise everything in the house! One thing that I have decided I need is a bread bin or bread box as I just have it in the cupboard at the moment and it takes space away so I am on the hunt for one and while hunting I came across some really nice bits. They are mostly from H&M Home as they have some really nice things in but there are other brands here too.

Ironically there is only one bread bin here but there are some great storage food boxes and jars available here. I love the fact they are glass as Im trying to keep all boxes, jars etc free from plastic just to reduce the amount of plastic I use and also the glass is easier to clean as some food stains it and some germs stay buried deep into the tiny ridges in plastic surfaces even though they have been thoroughly washed and also less plastic is good for the environment! I do have glass cereal jars and pasta jars but I am looking for a good spaghetti jar and this one from Zara home is such a good size for that! It is available in three different sizes too so you can find the size for what you need.

I am obsessed with these two types of wine glasses from Zara Home. I have gold rimmed tumbler glasses which I bought in Tk Maxx (I dont know the brand unfortunately as they were all individual in-store with only the Tk Maxx sticker) and even though I have wine glasses from Ikea I love the idea of them all matching. Ideally I would have the tumblers, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, prosecco / champagne glasses all matching with the gold rim. I don’t even really drink but I like to prepared for guests especially around Christmas and during the Summer for those Sunny Summer nights out. I also love the matching style gold edge plates from H&M which would make for a very chic set up for occasions and with the pink linen napkin too it would be a very cute table theme. The napkin is available in a few different colours too so definitely take a look if the pink doesn’t really work for you!

I cannot wait until this lockdown is over and I go on a proper hunt for some nice homeware bits and I can check places like Pennys and Tk Maxx who don’t really operate online as they have all their stock in-store which varies from store to store especially with Tk Maxx. Hopefully we can all go about our lives as normal soon and be reunited with family and friends and get back to doing the little things like browsing the shops and just popping out for a coffee as well as being able to go on nights out and go back to work and I think after this we will appreciate all these things a little bit more than we did before.

I hope you are all staying safe x






*As always this post is not sponsored/affliliated/paid advertisement. I just really like the products!

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