Comfy Cosy : At Home Looks

So obviously while we are all in quarantine our usual routines are out of whack and all normal rules go out the window so I don’t know about you but my usual wardrobe has gone out the window and I am living in sweats and hoodies. Any other than these is only on for the sole purpose of going to buy food. I usually put effort into my day to day wear as I need to be stylish for work and then change into sweats or pjs when I come home to be comfortable but now Im literally in a vest and joggers everyday. I applaud anyone who is actually getting dressed to be at home!

I used to be like that years ago and I would always be in jeans and a nice top with full face make up on on my day off with my hair styled just incase someone called to the house and up until about a year ago I didn’t own a single pair of sweat pants. Since then I have calmed down and now on my days off I am make up free and in comfy wear. Since work closed I was actually quite excited at the thought of not having to be “on” in terms of being dressed for work and having make up and was looking forward to just taking a break from having to put effort into my everyday look. My skin is having a serious break from make up and cosmetics only getting its usual face mask when I shower and a touch of moisturiser in the morning and evening and just being exposed to the air and light without having an extra layer on it. Another thing I think a lot of women will agree with here is the fact that we can go bra free every day which is great. I also think it is kind of healthy in a way that they are not propped up/lifted up/sitting up on a wire or elastic everyday as opposed to just being free. However if you are still having to put that little bit of effort in for video calls, work face-times, college video calls etc then there are some cute everyday pieces you can wear as comfortable home looks too.

Also fair play to any bloggers/influencers who are doing full on looks for instagram/tik tok videos/content because I literally cannot be bothered and the thought of having to take off make up is draining at this point!

These pieces are all from Newlook (*not sponsored/affiliated/advert) and I have seen a good few bloggers/influencers in some really nice knitwear pieces like the camel coloured cardigan which would be very cute with jeans as well as being paired with leggings. One thing that I think is a must have during this stay at home period is cycling shorts. They were all the rage last year and even though it took me a while to come around to that trend I love the pair I have! They go so well with oversized t-shirts, hoodies but are also good under dresses and blazers for everyday. The look that I am going for (inadvertently) everyday is more the Kim Kardashian joggers and a vest top which is the exact two products here with he grey joggers and the black cotton vest so I still feel a little trendy. Obviously Pjs are another option and these two options here are very casual chic pieces. Paired with a nice fluffy robe you have a very cute at home look without having to go the full sweats and a vest look if you prefer to look like you have a “look” without having to go the full way.

As I mentioned I am not being sponsored/affiliated/paid to advertise Newlook and its product in this post but the Newlook where I do work as my main job in Killarney does have its own Instagram (@newlookkillarney) where I along with other management post outfits, promotions and products and even though the store is closed at the moment there is a highlight in the profile where I am posting items from online and we have a couple of games going in our stories like find the emoji in the image so if you want to keep up to date with us and the products we have in-store (once reopened) then please give us a follow! (again I am not being paid/sponsored to do this I am just trying to keep our lovely customers minds from getting overwhelmed by the news and the pandemic with some fashion and games thrown in).

Ever yours



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