Hair Care Review : Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark

Lily Atkinson Photo - AF X Primark

Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark

Anyone who has been following for a while knows that I am in no way any type of a beauty expert but one thing I do like to take an interest in is haircare. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way a hair care expert either but I do like to try out different shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair healthy and strong and I tend to change the brand and the needs every time I start a new bottle so that my hair doesn’t get too used to a product and to make sure I am catering to any needs its has. So I was very interested when Andrew Fitzsimons launched his own range of hair care products with Primark! (Pennys if you are in the Republic of Ireland like me).

If you don’t know who Andrew Fitzsimons is he is a hairstylist to the Kardashian – Jenner family who is originally from Dublin here in Ireland who made his worked his way Dublin to Paris and then onto the USA before he was spotted by the Kardashians and started tending to their haircare needs. It is very cool that a hairdresser from Dublin is now working for one of the most famous families in the world. Just goes to show that hard work and determination pays off! He launched his new hair care line in collaboration with Primark in February this year (2020) with a whole range of products that cater for any hair needs! One thing that really interested me is that for someone who is working for a billion dollar famous family he collaborated with Primark so his product really IS affordable and it is also cruelty free which is a big bonus. I picked up a few things for myself to test out and I will talk you through them below and include prices!

Lily Atkinson Photo AF X Primark

Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark Repair Shampoo – Repair Conditioner – Repair Hair Mask

Lily Atkinson Photo AF X Primark

Andrew Fitzsimon x Primark Hair Repair Mask

So I am currently using the repair set which is the Repair Shampoo & Conditioner and the Repair Hair Mask which I am impressed with so far!

  • The Shampoo is a really nice pearly pink colour which matches the packaging and smells really nice. Its not heavily fragranced but it also has a light sweet smell. Looking at the ingredients it does have extracts of coconut, honey and almond scents. You don’t need a lot to get it to lather either which means it lasts longer. I do however have one negative and that is that I find that the shampoo tends to squeeze out of the top behind the push lid as well as the actual mouth of the lid so it seeps out from the two places but other than that small packaging issue I am really liking it! It retails for €4.50.
  • The Conditioner I find is a bit denser and sometimes hard to get out of the bottle from the end as its not a runny conditioner. It smells the same as the shampoo not too fragranced but not fragrance less. Its is very smooth on the hair and it instantly feel smoother and sleeker once washed out. I myself never put conditioner on the top of my head as I have a very sensitive scalp and nearly every conditioner caused my scalp to break out but I did test it out on my scalp a couple of times to make sure (unfortunately it did happen with this one too but thats just me) and I did make a difference to the appearance of my hair overall once dried and styled. It looked sleeker and smoother and I had less of those wires strays which is a bonus. Due to the fact my head is so sensitive I cant continue using it on my scalp but I would definitely recommend this duo! This retails for also €4.50
  • The hair mask I actually bought about a week later after seeing a blogger use and I have never used a hair mask before (due to the sensitive scalp issue) so I decided to test it out. Its almost the same texture and consistency as the conditioner but more a little heaver like a body cream. It doesn’t have much of a scent I don’t think even though it has the same fragrance extracts as the other two products. Again I tried this out on my scalp down to the ends and I can only use it on the ends but I do like it. Its like a guarantee for smooth, glossy hair after the conditioner. I only leave it in for the same amount of time as the conditioner but I know some people leave it in for a lot longer so you can leave it for as long as you want! This is selling at €4.00.
Lily Atkinson Photo AF X Primark

Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark Dry Shampoo

I am not one for using dry shampoo that much but I have only recently got back into using it. I think its from those teenage years of using it and it leaving that white powder all over your head that would not rub in just really put me off of it!

  • The Dry Shampoo I have used a few times and it is amazing! Its super light on the hair and leaves no residue unlike some that sit like hairspray almost that leaves that sticky, crunchy feeling or that feeling of almost like it’s damp but this is literally weightless. You can spray this on and you don’t even feel it which is a definitely plus. It smells really good as well and not in the overly, heavy scented way some dry shampoos do or that strong smell of an aerosol mixed with some floral scent its just a nice light and fresh scent. I definitely recommend trying this out! This retails for just €3.00.
Lily Atkinson Photo AF X Primark

Andrew Fitzsimons x Primark Eye Mask

I have never owned an eye mask before as I have needed one so being honest I completely bought this on whim and it will definitely come in handy for travelling. I always fall asleep on long car journeys (ahem and sometimes short ones…) and on flights so this will definitely be handy for that. Its a nice silky material so its not too heavy on and the elastic band is not too tight either which is great. This is in stores for €2.50.

He has a A LOT more products on offer too which I will attach below for you to browse through. I do have the volume shampoo and conditioner too which I haven’t started using yet so I will do an update on that once I start using it!

You can see his products on the Primark website but there are a few that are not on there I assume due to selling through but obviously the best place to go is into your local Primark or Pennys!

I hope you are all staying sane during quarantine and stay safe!

Ever Yours



*Update :

After trying out the volume shampoo unfortunately I have a slight reaction to it where my scalp/top of my neck breaks out and so I won’t be using it again. The volume in my hair was good afterwards but obviously theres an ingredient in this shampoo style that doesn’t agree with my scalp so unfortunately I can no longer use it. As I mentioned before my scalp is really sensitive and a lot of shampoos don’t agree with it so this is not a fault with the shampoo itself its just my personal experience with it so for me the repair shampoo is the only one I can use but it is so so good as detailed above!

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