Monthly Goals : February


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January is finally over and February is now underway and thank god payday has arrived and we are a step closer to Spring! Officially it is Spring but it takes Ireland a minute to catch up and it usually starts to get Springy around mid March although last year it snowed in March but we live in hope!

So a new month brings new goals and a review of last months goals that were in my January post which you can read by clicking here. So here goes :

January’s Goals

  • Eating Healthier – I will admit has not been off to the best start. I still need to work on getting a better meal routine plan and not give in to being lazy and reach for easy, unhealthy options. I guess I just need to train my brain into thinking that not everything is such an effort to try and cook after work. I am definitely considering making things from scratch and freezing them on my days off for example homemade chips (not that healthy I know) instead of buying the remade, oily, fatty chips I could make them myself and use them when I want them that way I know its simply just a cut up potato nothing added and no preservatives. So overall I still need to work on this! I have however started taking a multi-vitamin each day which is definitely a step for me!
  • Fitness Routine – I actually have started one. Now admittedly I only started it properly a few days ago but as I said I was doing the stretches in the morning times but now I have actually downloaded a Yoga App and a Workout App. They’re not too intense as I don’t want to over do it and build up my strength over time. The yoga one I do really like because its not only clearing the mind it stretches out all the muscles and helps build your core strength too but gently. The workout one I’m still getting used too as I haven’t really done any proper gym exercises in a good long while so I’ll admit I’m struggling a little!
  • Go To Bed Earlier – Again this needs a little work. In fairness this was slightly hindered for a week because I started watching The Stranger on Netflix and if you have seen it you will understand why. I have improved slightly but still need to get it a bit better. I do have the Bedtime set on my phone which gives you a reminder of what time you should be going to bed for the amount of hours you want to sleep to tased on what time you want to get up. For instance if I need to be up for about 8 so I have set for 7.5 hours sleep so it tells me be in bed by around 12:30 and you can alter it to suit you too. So I do find that useful too!

February Goals

So for February I have still some work to do on those daily goals but I also have a couple of new ones that I want to get into doing too that kind of tie in with the last ones.

  • Fitness – To continue on with the fitness apps and to also start getting into the habit of walking. The evenings now are bright until around 5:30 so its definitely possible to get a short walk in somewhere during my days off or if I am finished work early in the day. Unfortunately the weather does restrict this slightly as it is quite rainy and windy at the moment (currently writing this between power cuts due to storm Ciara) but I am determined to get into this! Combined with this I need to also start drinking more water. I usually always bring water to work but I never finish the bottle at work so starting small I going to aim to drink the full thing a day and then some more at home. I’m definitely drinking more water now after my workouts so its a start!
  • Travel – I mentioned in my New Years Post  that I wanted to travel more in 2020 as I only had two trips last year one short and one for nearly weeks to Germany and London so I definitely need a sun holiday this year! I want to go to places that I haven’t been to before starting with a city break. So this month I want to get my holidays sorted and booked so I can look forward to some time off! I think I will be doing my annual trip to London again (Im from there so its not really a holiday its more like a trip home!) but I definitely want to try new cities and sun destinations so I will keep you posted!
  • Be Consistent – So this is more blog based but does relate to other areas too but to just be more consistent with posting and keeping the content going. I have always kind of struggled for content in a way because this isn’t my source of income, I don’t have the ability to have outfit/style/beauty photos to share with you guys as I work nearly full time and I’m not flying off to events or social scenes every week so my feed and my posts don’t feature me a lot so I do post a lot of products and pieces because I don’t have the most amazing and stunning content to share (you could say my blog is pretty…Basic!) but I want to get into posting about more more regularly. As I said I work more or less full time at a job so it can be hard to find the time sometimes but I am determined to get into a posting routine!

So thats my three main goals for this month and I will do my review in March’s post! Im currently sitting looking out my window at the hail shower going on and listening to the wind whipping around the place so hopefully March starts to bring some better weather! One thing is for sure I will not miss having Storm Ciara around!

Ever Yours



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