Monthly Goals : January

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So I would like to introduce you to my new monthly series which will be my focuses and goals for the new month ahead and the results and catch up of the previous one. I had a list of 2020 goals in my new years post which you can read here but this is more in depth and sets more of a timeframe to get certain things done. We all make resolutions and promises to ourselves at the start of a new year and while its good to have goals its very easy to say “Go to bed earlier” or “travel more” but its actually doing that thing and actually ticking it off the list that needs work because lets face it most us leave those resolutions behind the first week of January and don’t actually start these new goals straight away or attempt them for a week or so and then they fall away.

I feel like I write a lot of posts that are literally only products from various websites and brands and nothing really that personal or inspirational outside of fashion pieces anymore so in these little monthly series I am to talk more about what I am planning on achieving each month and how I am planning on completing it and what I have learned from the previous months goals both successful and unsuccessful because lets be honest we can all have a list of things we want to achieve but there are also some we slip up on as we are only human and cant be perfect 100% of the time even if we want to be (and some people pretend to be). So its sort of a monthly diary if you like! 

January Goals

  1. Start Eating Healthier – So my main goal for 2020 is to get a much better diet as due to not living at home anymore and being lazy I slipped into the habit of buying convicence foods like ready made pasta sauces, ready made stir fry sauces etc and getting fast foods. Neither of these issues bother Kevin as he can literally eat take aways everyday for a month and gain not ounce of fat and he has kind of eaten the same way since he was a child so he is sort of set in his ways but I have got him trying new things now and then which is great but I think overall I am the one who is really looking to eat better. I am definitely not any kind of chef or domestic goddess but I do know how to cook meals from scratch and how to create dinners myself (that are not too complicated) but because of work and getting that little bit lazy I don’t do it as often as I should. I do think as well that I have changed in certain areas due to now having a different food intake as opposed to when I loved at home. So to combat this I am trying to cook more meals from scratch so that they are that bit healthier and fresh, cutting back on the amount of confectionary that I have because I literally cannot say no to it. I will have a dinner and then go to chocolate, crisps and go back and forth between them, Ill eat sweets during the day if they are there at work for the team, buy chocolate with my lunches at work like I just eat way to much of it.
  2. Start A Fitness Routine – So lately I find that Im definitely not getting as much exercise as I used to and combined with not eating the same way as before I think it has impacted on my fitness. So I want to start getting into a routine that isn’t for toning or loosing weight but for just improving my fitness. One thing I have started doing is a stretch in the morning to wake me up and stretch out the muscles and get the blood moving around. Im also doing a few little workout moves too to get the heart rate going. When it get a bit lighter out I want to start going to walks on a (hopefully) daily basis but thats more work depending as I do different hours everyday but Im going to try!
  3. Go To Bed Earlier  – At the moment after Christmas and New years and all of that I have got stuck in the routine of going to bed a bit late (after 12) and am my body clock is a bit messed up because of it. Im awake usually at 8:30-9am and then around mid afternoon I get so tired and then come 9pm I feel awake again! So I definitely need to start going to bed earlier and getting into a better routine of sleep so that I am actually energised during the day which will improve work, motivation and my general need to function!
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2020 Goals

So those are my goals for January some of which I have started on already as we are half way through the month (I didn’t get the idea to do this post until the other day) so I will fill you in on how they are going in the post in February. I am aiming to do maybe three goals a month and sometimes I may not have any newer ones just maybe improved, tried and tested ones but I’ll see how it goes! I definitely want to keep this going all the way up to Christmas / New Year so that I can reflect back on all the things I wanted to get achieved and set my bar for the next year.

Ever Yours



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