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Were now settled into January and as its a month that seems to go on forever due to it being back to work, the wait until payday seems endless, you’re still trying to get through the left over sweetie things from Christmas so the new healthy eating plan hasn’t quite commenced yet (guilty here) and overall January is just always a bit of a struggle month for various reasons. However one of the things that does come out of January is the Christmas sales. You can finally get those pieces you have been keeping your eye on at a lower price which is always a good feeling!

Being on the selling side of the Christmas/Janaury sales (they are January sales but a lot of stores start it on the 26th of December to get the money in earlier) it is definitely something that you don’t get excited about over Christmas as it is a lot of hours over almost a week of identifying it, preparing it, sorting it, setting it up and getting it ready to sell and then theres actually maintaining it! Also due to the fact that stores also start their sales on December 26th that means a lot of us only get the 25th of December off to celebrate Christmas and then we are right back in to work the next day as early as 7am to sell it to the public. So for this reason I don’t usually shop sale in-stores because I spend a lot of my time looking at one for a good month or so! (Also because sale shoppers are the most hardcore people on the planet and can cause a fair amount of stress). I do however have a look around online as a lot of the brands I shop personally are online so here are a few pieces that caught my eye!

Nearly everything here is a sale item with the exception of two items which are quite good prices so they are actually affordable for January! There are some very nice going out dresses around along with dressy shoes and boots at the moment which are at very good prices so it is always a good idea to shop sale going out now as a lot of stores tend to focus on spring/summer wear around now as the “party season” is over and peoples money is not stretching as far after all the Christmas shopping. Even though Europe is still in “Winter” months a lot places put their knitwear and coats into sale now as they are classed as “Basic wear” for certain seasons and lets face it living in Ireland you cant not own a coat because you will need it through out the year!

A quick little lesson about January sales

  • The January sales are usually a mix of no longer needed Winter stock and old summer stock that the company or brand need to sell off to clear the way for new trends and buys. Sales vary from brand to brand depending on their buys during the year. Bigger multi national, high-street companies will hold bigger and cheaper sales because they have overbought on stock during the year and now need to get rid of it for new stock to come in and also to make the profit back from them not selling through at a full price. So they discount them down to very cheap and tempting offers with between 50% to 75% off so that the public will hopefully buy in bulk and clear their stock in one bigger transaction than opposed to only buying a couple of full price pieces for the same value.
  • When you have more luxurious, pricey, smaller and one off brands they will usually have a smaller more selected sale containing selected items as they usually do their own “collections” during the year. So they tend to stock more limited pieces  from smaller manufacturers or if they are their own creators then they will only create a certain amount. For example Jewellery designers and stores. They only design a limited amount of pieces for a collection therefore when it comes around to Winter sales they may only have a very small amount left. So lets say they create 8 different pieces for a collection during the summer which is stocked in 6 of their stores and each store gets 4 versions of each piece so 192 individual stock item altogether. By the time Winter sales hit each store may only have 3 of those items left.  Instead of slashing the prices way down they discount them down by only 10%-25% as these are not products they have overbought on and need to shift before a new collection comes out. They created enough pieces to make a return profit then have the space and ability to bring out new collections without an urgency to move remaining product out as that is all there is.

I hope some of that makes sense although I am not the best at describing things! Some of it may be really obvious and other parts not so much but I just thought I would give you a little insight into the world of retail sales which I have been part of for over 5 years now (I need to try something new I think!) and some people have no idea how it all really works so consider this my little fact of the day for you!

Ever yours



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