2020 : A New Chapter

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2020 from Pinterest

So yet again another new year has rolled around and I feel like this year is going to be a good one because this time I am going to make it my own. I always go into the new year like the rest of you with new resolutions and new commitments that never last but this year I have some definitely goals and promises that I intend to keep.

2019 was full of ups and downs and some changes in both my personal life and my professional life. Just to keep up with whats been going on heres quick recap of the year

  • Started January off by getting another kitten. I say “got” another kitten but he chose us and even then it may have been my other cat who chose him. I currently have 4 cats and 3 of them were strays that appeared at or near to our house but Alfie was actually brought home to us by our other cat George! I went to let George into the house one night and he just had Alfie with him and its nearly a year later and he is still here!
  • In February as a Valentines present Kevin got us flights to Berlin for five days which was very cool. It was really nice to have a mini break and I had never been to Berlin before but I had been to Germany with my school so I knew a little bit of German but not enough!  So it was nice to see the sights and take some time away from everyday life.
  • In April my grandparents celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary which is amazing to be married for that long and to be with the same person for that many years and counting. I cant even begin to imagine spending that length of time with someone going through the ups and downs, the changes in life and growing old and still feeling the same way you did 65 years previously. I think the only people I know of who have been married longer than them is The Queen and Prince Philip who are on nearly 70 years I think?
  • Kevin surprised me in April with a little trip away by coming over one day after I had finished work and told me to pack a bag as we were going away for two days to a surprise location which turned out to be Galway! It was really nice going back there after all those years and showing him my old house, where I went to college and just the atmosphere of Galway as a place and as somewhere that holds so many memories for me both good and bad.
  • In May Éimear and myself headed to the Olympia Theatre in Dublin to see Dermot Kennedy for again which as usual was amazing as he is such a brilliant artist and his music just touches your soul. We also had one of the most fun nights and we didn’t even go out! We literally just spent time back at the hotel after the show having a proper laugh and got spice-bags delivered to the hotel and ate them in bed. Honestly one of the best nights of my life.
  • In June Kevin and I headed to London for the second time to housesit (and cat sit) for my aunt. It was a bit more relaxed this time as we had been before we had got the touristy things out of the way as Kevin had never been before (Im actually English living in Ireland) but we did do some cool things like visiting Stamford Bridge. (you can see my London post here). I also found the new title for the blog that I been searching for and deciding on for a long time. It just hit me in the middle of a restaurant that that was it and so when I came home the blog was officially changed to Basic by Lily.
  • In July myself and Kevin moved into together (that post is on the way I swear) for the first time. To be honest we didn’t actually talk about it first we just sort of both said we were bored of being at home and wanted to have our own spaces and we just started looking and then we viewed one place and moved in a few weeks later. It has now been 6 months and we haven’t killed each other yet!
  • August wasn’t the happiest month as my older dog Cookie who was around fifteen years old died. She had been one of two dogs we got when we first moved to Ireland the other being Lola who died in 2015. Cookie had been having trouble with her legs a bit as its quite common in Labradors (she was a black lab) when they get older that they have hip problems and she had been finding it difficult to get up and could no longer do things like run for the ball or go for a proper walk like our newer dog Holly and then one day she could no longer get up at all. She had just had enough and was ready to go.  That night she went in her sleep with my dad beside her and on her favourite pillow.
  • Kevin turned 30 in October and we had a fun surprise party for him. It was mainly organised by his mum and family but it was the first time our families met which was nice and was such a good occasion to do that on! He definitely enjoyed himself and had some fun too which was the whole point of it!
  • December I turned 24 and got a new lease of life and new outlook and attitude to life and work and just on myself.


And now heading into a new year I do feel like a change is happening. Maybe it has already happened Im not sure but I feel like I am going into the new year with a new sense of direction and a clearer vision and I am just generally feeling fresh and new and ready for the new year to come! Usually I sort of indifferent about it I mean I like ringing in the new year with my family and seeing the clock hit midnight but generally don’t feel anything amazing about a new year but this year I am looking forward to it and to see what it has in-store. I definitely have a few goals for 2020 too!

  • Definitely need to get some travel in. In 2019 I went to Berlin for five days and London for two weeks and as fun and nice as city breaks are I really love having a sun holiday which I did not get in 2019. Usually myself and Kevin have been on one sun holiday a year since we met and have been to Portugal a couple of times but we didn’t make it to a sunny spot this year so in 2020 I am definitely aiming to get around three holidays in. One short city type break, one longish city break and a longer sun holiday. I just feel like having a sun holiday is good for your mind body and soul because you get that ultimate relaxation time for your mind, the sea salt and warm air for your skin and body and just the experience of different culture and lifestyle to educate your soul.
  • I definitely want to experience more and not be so cautious about everything. My family got my brother a course at Mondello Park in Kildare for his birthday in Drifting a car and even though I know I would be such a scaredy cat I definitely would like to try it at least once. So I want to try more things and do new experiences and just live life a bit more.
  • I also would like to grow more as a person and get out of some not so great habits and not get too lazy about things for example eating properly. When Kevin and I moved in together we said we were only getting take away once a week and because I’m the only one of us who can cook when Im tired from work I tend to get lazy and then Kevin suggests chinese or pizza and I usually give in because I have not get the energy to think of a meal never mind create one. When I do though I feel like I can make really nice dishes (I actually made a really nice soy honey pork stir fry the other week and shocked myself) but I’m always getting lazy. Definitely will treat myself to a fast food once a week but definitely plan on cutting back.

I hope that you all have a wonderful new years eve and new years day (I’ll be working but look someone has to) and that you make 2020 your own and leave any stress or worry behind in 2019 and start anew.

Ever yours



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