Christmas Gift Ideas : For Everyone

Bauble from Pinterest

Bauble Image from Pinterest

Christmas is fast approaching as we have just about a week left until the big day hits and if like me you are a little stuck for I thought I would share a few ideas here with you! December is always a crazy shopping month for me as not only do I have Christmas presents to buy for family and friends but I also have a fair few birthdays!

Fun fact myself and my best friend Éimear have the same birthday on the 7th so she is always number 1 present to be bought first! Then I have my dads birthday on the 24th of December as well as it being Christmas eve, my brother is then on the 29th and this year is his 21st so it is a special birthday, my granddad is then on the 31st combined with New Years Eve so between him and my dad we have to put that extra little bit of effort in so they don’t feel like Christmas/New Year has overtaken their birthdays. So combined with those birthdays and then the added Christmas presents for them and others like my mum, nan, boyfriend, Éimear’s mum (who is basically my Irish mammy too), boyfriends parents it all adds up for me! This year though I did get a few gifts nice and early the first week of December and felt really good and motivated and organised and then cut to the 17th and I still had around 7 or 8 presents left to buy. I did however cut that down to 5 that same day after I dashed to town as it was my day off.



Rather than doing two separate posts on women and mens I thought I would just combine the two as it would be easier to look through and also because somethings are unisex or gender neutral (and also because I left it too late too post two separate posts). I really wanted to make a gender neutral post with unisex and label-less items but unfortunately it is still a bit tough to find those when a majority of online stores still have the separation of the sexes BUT I do think that you could gift any of the items here to any person no matter how they identify themselves. Just because it comes from a “women” or “mens” section doesn’t necessarily mean that its only meant for those two types of people.

In this post I have selected a lot of items as if I was shopping for the people in my life and what I would like as gifts or what I know someone else would like so I have selected a good few handy and affordable pieces some of which I already have or know people who have them. For example the popcorn machine we have had in my house for years and it is so handy. Its also way easier then the microwave popcorn because first of all you can select whatever toppings you want and don’t have to buy packets of particular flavours and add things in, secondly because it is actually so much fun when the kernels start popping to try and catch them with the bowl. It does have a little shoot that they come out of but sometimes the kernels gather a bit of momentum and they do shoot everywhere which is very entertaining. Max Benjamin I think I mention religiously every year as a gift idea because they are the best candles in my opinion. They are Irish made, the scents are amazing and they also last a really long time. A lot of candles loose the scent after a few uses but these are fragrant and fresh right down to the base. I also reuse the jars when they’re finished as make up brush holders as they are just white china jars so you’re getting two things at once! (but maybe thats just me)

Speak to you all soon!

Ever yours






*As usual non of this is sponsored/affliated/advertised. Just me and my own ideas gathered to provide some inspiration for others!

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