My Birthday : Twenty Four


So thats it I am now 24 years of age as of the 7th of December!

I realise this post is going up just about a week after my actual birthday but I unfortunately got hit with the flu on the Sunday morning of the 8th (typical) and only got up an about on the Tuesday and then it was back to work for me! So day one of being twenty four went really well for with my temporary best friends Olbas Oil, Vicks vapour rub, Kleenex hot water bottles, slipper socks and my electric blanket along with my boyfriend who took care of me after he had finished work!

Last year I honestly didn’t even celebrate my birthday in any way I mean I got cards and gifts but I didn’t have any family dinner or go out or anything I literally just treated it like any other day and wasn’t excited by it nor bothered by it. So last year it literally just came and went like any other day without any fuss or bother about it! This year however I did want to celebrate it a little and so had this look planned in my head for ages of being really glam and over the top and just going out and having a great night and then dinner with the family the next day! I did pick up a few bits as options to wear for the night out and I will list them below!

Also in typical me fashion I didn’t end up wearing of them! I bought the black Organza puff sleeve dress (I actually got it from Newlook but it is the EXACT same as this one its just not on the Newlook site) and loved it but I just didn’t like it on the night.

The red dress I actually bought for Christmas nights out or as a an option for my birthday or staff party and wear it with the silver diamanté heels and a diamanté belt which is really nice on but again just didn’t feel like it was right on the night.

The River Island dress I am obsessed with. I actually asked for this as a birthday gift and I did get it as a birthday present BUT I didn’t get it until Tuesday when I was finally over my sickness and went home to my parents so I actually didn’t even own this until Tuesday.

So I actually needed up rewearing a white denim dress that I bought from Pennys (Primark) about a month or so ago! The photo I have here is actually from a little while ago as I got no photo on my birthday but I basically had this look on again!

Lily Atkinson Photo

Birthday Look

Turning twenty four this year I feel a completely different vibe. I just feel more motivated, more confident and more sort of aware of certain things and I just feel like this year is going to be the year that I make some overdue changes. I feel like Im ready to just do a complete re-set on a good few things in my life and I already feel like Im actually taking a bit of control over certain things in my life that I have just let slide or that I didn’t have the confidence to take control of before and that I am able to call bullshit out loud when I have to. I have already had some big changes go on this year like moving out of home and moving into a new place with my boyfriend and having the responsibility of the home and also to be responsible for things like the shopping, cooking, washing etc which I did at home anyway but its completely different obviously when you are one half of the team to do those things.

So I here are some things I have already done or plan on doing to start setting myself up for the new year and for just getting myself in gear to live my best life :

  •  Purge the social media : A little while ago I did a clear up of my social media accounts of who I followed/friends with just basically because there were so many people and accounts that I never looked at, were not interested in and just genuinely had need to be following.  I basically looked at everyone I followed or was friends with and just asked myself  “Do I actually have anything to do with this person? Am I interested in what this person has to say?” and if not I unfollowed or unfriended because I decided I am not going clutter my social media with people be it celebrities or non celebrities with posts and stories and photos that I just genuinely don’t have any interest in. Anyone I did unfollow or unfriend was’t because I didn’t like them or anything it was just that I may not actually know them or have anything to do with them. There were people I was friends with on Facebook who I went to school with in 2008 that I was never really friends with and haven’t seen or spoken to them literally since 2008 but yet Im seeing their posts and stories when I just don’t need to know their business because I don’t have anything to do with them. So I tidied up my social media to follow people who I am involved with in some way and people who bring some form of positivity into my life wether thats celebrities or non celebrities.


  • Self Love : Stop criticising myself so much. When I do my make up for work or for going out Im going to not focus on the bits that maybe aren’t done as well as I could have or that brow that isn’t 100% like the other one and focus on feeling good and confident. Even on my days off when I don’t wear make up if Im not leaving the house to not sit and look at every pore and every “flaw” in the mirror . I also through the powers of Lizzo, Jameela Jamil and such don’t feel like I have to look skinny all the time. I am and have always been very slim and petite and I think because people used to comment on it all the time that I always kind of feel like I need to look slim even though you know that time of the month rolls around and you feel  bloated and you feel like you look way bigger than you are which is what happens for me personally and Im now just accepting that everyone fluctuates and that that bloated feeling and mindset will pass and to not exaggerate it to myself.


  • Work Away : I have been in Newlook for five years now and as much as I love it and have enjoyed it there I do feel that in 2020 I would like to change jobs. I don’t know to what that will be, when that will happen or anything like that but I do think that I need that change for myself and that I want to experience different aspects of fashion and retail or maybe homeware and decor or maybe even beauty who knows I just think that although the last five years have been good (and sometimes not so good) Im still young and five years is a long time and I just feel theres more to learn and experience. So who knows what will happen but obviously if anything were to happen I will keep you updated! For now though you can still find me in there!

So overall I just feel better in myself and just want positivity and to enjoy all the little things and to find the fun in even the boring everyday things like the washing up! I know this all sounds a bit typical “positive vibes/good energy” but I honestly feel like I have had a complete turn around in just realising what is actually important and whats not. In the words of Cher “If it won’t matter in five years then it doesn’t matter now”

Ever yours



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