Jog Onto The Jogger Trend

Kim Kardashian West Pinterest

Image of Kim Kardashian West From Pinterest

Afternoon everyone and happy Tuesday to you. I hope you are all ready for Halloween in just a couple of days time and whatever you get up to I hope you enjoy it! Now that we are so close to November it is well and truly starting to feel like Winter with just a touch Autumn still around so I am definitely slipping into the more cosy and comfortable (and importantly warm) clothing and one thing that I have started to wear around the house is  cuffed 90’s jogger sweatpants. Now anyone who knows me knows that sportswear like sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings etc is not something that I ever wear around in public its only for at home use (I don’t know why I just cant wear sports wear out and about) and if I do buy say sweatpants because my sizing is so small and odd everything is usually way to big but the pair that I purchased from Newlook are actually very cool on and even though they are not my usual style as they are like baggy and big looking they are very comfortable. I bought the black pair shown below and they go really well with just a vest top or a crop top!

One person we all know is a fan of the jogger style sweat pants is Mrs Kim Kardashian West who got into them from the Yeezy Collection (I think) and has had some very cool, casual/chic looks over the last year or so. I love the idea of these simple and comfortable pants being worn with heels and made to look really chic and dressy but I am definitely not confident enough to try and pull it off down here in Killarney! These looks I wouldn’t say are suitable for the weather we are getting here in Ireland at the moment (or next few Winter months anyway) but if you are living in a warmer climate where your Winters aren’t icy, snowy, cold and rainy you may be able to try them out for yourself.

Obviously the options I have included in this post are a little bit more affordable than what Kim has inside her closet but they do look very like some of the styles she has worn over the past year. This could also be a really simple Halloween look too that doesn’t require a lot of effort and you can wear all year round deconstructed or all together!

I hope you all have a good Halloween wether you are obsessed by it or not interested in the slightest just enjoy the day and remember to stay safe if you are out and about on the night and please if you are with friends make sure to look out for one another and don’t let yourselves get separated from each other as Halloween as fun as it can be and as long as the tradition of Halloween has been going it is also unfortunately a night that some people who are not of sound mind (wether it be obvious or well disguised) use as an excuse to try and do very ugly things to anyone and anything and with the way that the world is at the moment just make sure that you stay in your group or with your friend and don’t go anywhere you don’t want to or do anything that you don’t want to do because its “cool” or because someone is telling you too.

I sound like such an old person or a mum there bringing the mood down so I will stop now so have a great Halloween guys and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours





*This post is not sponsored/affiliated/advertising/promoting any brands or persons mentioned. All posts on this blog are written/created/made by me alone. Any involvement by another person/party will always be credited/made aware to readers.

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