October Occasions : Event Wear

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Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you. Todays post is on some really nice occasion wear that I have seen around lately and as I have a few events coming up in the next few weeks I have been throughly looking around for some really good versatile pieces that suit each occasion so I thought I would share what I have seen around and there are some very nice and affordable items around!

So October for me sees a few different events coming up all mainly in the first two weeks and they are a mix of 21st birthdays, a 30th birthday, a leaving party, and a wedding a few weeks after that so I have been on the hunt for some nice pieces and I must say Prettylittlething have definitely got some absolutely gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits in at the moment! I am obsessing over the strapless ruffled nude dress it looks like a designer piece! In the pieces I have gathered here I have a mix of party and wedding wear with some casual pieces that can easily be dressed up with heels and a belt to make them look really dressy for an occasion.

I am starting to get into getting casual dresses and the idea of oversized shirts and adding heels and belts to them to make them completely different to their everyday use as one of the girls at work who is really stylish and she doesn’t even know it tends to wear really simple like casual dresses, oversized tshirt, shirts etc for going out and always looks so stunning! She can literally throw a bin liner on and make it look amazing she’s one of those types! So I am starting to get into different looks and ways of wearing items as a way of switching up my own style and getting more wear out of things instead of just wearing the same thing over and over again the same way.

This dress seriously reminds me of the Kendall Jenner H&M collaboration she did a while ago which was beautiful and I get that kind of feeling from this one which is also available in a couple of different styles also with this nude ruffle to the side, on the shoulders, on the neck etc just loads of options and they are all really pretty. I just think with tan, really simple jewellery, nude heels this dress would be perfect for an event like your 18th or 21st because its unique and a statement without being too much for the eye or the bank account as it is only costing €32.00!

Happy Sunday guys!

Ever yours



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