Stepping into Autumn : Autumn Boots

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Afternoon to you all and happy Sunday to you! I hope last week treated you well and that you are all ready for a new week ahead and that you are having an enjoyable relaxing Sunday if you are lucky enough to now be working today.

So we are in September which is terrifying because the year is just flying past at a record speed. Does anyone else feel like they haven’t done half the things that they planned to do this year and if you did it feels like you did it literally a year ago even though it was only a couple of months? So we are heading back into Autumn which I am kind of excited for because its that in-between phase where you can wear boots and coats but still wear t-shirts and and skirts without being too cold. A few things I love about Autumn wear are scarves, coats and boots so today Im sharing a few cool styles of boots that have been coming in lately. I basically live in boots all the time anyway so I really put them to work so I am always on the hunt for new, trendy and affordable pairs so here are a few that I have seen online from various stores!

(*Photos from website/not sponsored/not an advert/not affiliated)

If you are not aware from previous posts I literally only wear pointed toe boots as I find they just look that bit better on me personally because I have a small foot (UK size 3) a rounded toe boot just looks stumpy on me but I do like the look of the laced pair from Newlook. I am on the look out for some good boots for when Winter actually hits that will keep me warm but are still trendy and they look like a good option because the sole looks sturdy and has a grip if its wetter which living in Ireland is a big possibility! I also love their off white stiletto pair which are available in the store I work in in only my size (which must be a sign to get them!) and they are very nice on and would go with a lot of things.

Also loving the tortoiseshell pair from ASOS by Raid because they are just so different and unique in pattern and would be so nice for Autumn due to the colouring without being the usual plain brown, black, green, burgundy Autumn colours.

So thats all from me today guys Im sure there will be many more Autumn / Winter pieces posts to come over the next few months so keep an eye out for them!

(p.s I bought the jumper in the photo which is also very nice on!)

Ever Yours



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