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Hello and welcome to another BASIC by Lily post which today is all about a very on trend accessory and that is the statement headband. These fashionable hair accessories were a big hit in the 90s and like most fashion trends through the years they are having their comeback moment and this time they are all about big, embellished, eye catching and colourful styles that really pop and just give your hair a little extra glamour.

A lot of the styles around are the thicker style band as this allows for more embellishment and details to be added and also allows you to create a bit of height with your hair if you are looking for that subtle 60’s style look. I have attached some options below that are very cute and pretty pieces and also a good basic price for your budget from a few different stores.

So this style of headband is actually called an Alice Band and is actually based off of the style of headband that was worn by Alice in Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll in 1871 in the books illustrations and has been a fashion accessory during different time periods since. They are actually worn by football players a lot to keep their hair back from their face while playing although Im pretty sure they are not as embellished as the female more trendy versions available in stores at the moment.

They really are such a handy and versatile accessory for any hair type as you can use them to completely dress up a look with minimal or no jewellery needed, wear it with jeans and a blazer to add a little something extra whatever you feel works for you! As that is the beauty of fashion and styling is that you can wear something whatever way you want to suit your own personal style.

Speak to you all soon!

Ever yours




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