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Good afternoon and welcome to todays post which is a pretty basic one as its all about a basic product. The plain T-shirt. This item is something that everyone definitely owns no matter what the colour and they are just a really handy staple piece of any wardrobe. Last year there was a massive logo t-shirt trend which has trickled into this year too but the heat has died down a small bit as regards the demand but they are still very much in at the moment but the plain basic t-shirt I think is having a bit of a moment too as you can really do so much with them as opposed to just the usual jeans and jacket.

The focus brand for this post is Newlook as I myself actually have this specific t-shirt in four of the colours available so I have tried and tested a few looks with them. In this post i have included five different looks using five different colours to showcase how they can be dressed up a bit more and not just be a boring everyday t-shirt. I myself lately have been more inclined to wear a t-shirt on nights out as well as for everyday as they are comfortable and are just such a good versatile piece to have. They go really well with tube skirts and shorts with heels but also handy for everyday with jeans. If you are a regular into Newlook Killarney you may have noticed that I am usually in a basic t-shirt every time!

Look One

Look Two

Look Three

Look Four

Look Five

Some of these looks are taken from looks that I have worn on nights out myself with the newer available products (I have the boots in Look Five and I them they are my favourite shoes ever) which are also versatile enough for everyday wear.  I have kept the looks on the summery side still even though we are now into August (can you believe) as there is still some hot weather lingering around in some countries unlike here in Ireland where its warm but raining with intermittent sunshine. Which is typical.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post and that the week is treating you well!

Ever Yours



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