Beauty Bits : Mini Make Up Haul

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Mini Make Up Haul

Welcome to todays post which is on my mini beauty haul that I did while I was in London which I mentioned in my post on my London Trip. For anyone that doesnt know I am not that make up savvy and am definitely lacking in skills in that area! I have started to get into some youtube and instagram make up gurus such as Nikkietutorials on youtube who Im literally obsessed with now because not only is she such an amazing make up artist she is just so authentically herself aswell and I love the fact that she made something so positive and so successful off the back of her experience of bullying when she was younger and she is just so enjoyable to watch! So if you havent seen any of her videos do because shes really honest about products too like she doesnt try and make them look better if theyre bad, she doesnt bad mouth either shes just honest about everything she uses which is refreshing in a time when so many people are so quick to promote multiple brands to make quick money without even really using them (I wont even get started on the size 2 models promoting diet teas because I will turn into Jamelia Jamil who you should also be following by the way) so I definitely recommend taking a look at her videos and social media!

So because of this and partly because Im getting more curious about make up I went on a bit of a shopping spree in Superdrug in Wimbledon and got a few nice glittery bits for myself. My aunt also is into skin and beauty a bit as my cousin did a make up course a few years back and she gave some products she didnt want or use and told me a bit on how to use some products so that inspired me to go out and try some new things too!

The First two things I picked up in London were these two foundations because I have been on the hunt for a new one for a while now and because No7 works best for me (I mentioned this is my skincare post recently) that was the one that I wanted to go for as the overall result and the colouring just matches me best. So the shade I matched with in my local boots in Killarney a couple years ago is Calico but lately I’m finding that I sometimes notice that it is a little bit darker for my neck and Im not too sure is it the powder (in shade fair) that is just adding a bit more colour or is just that the foundation is too heavy and is coming out as being darker etc etc so I decided to try out these two to test out how they look. First up was the Hydra Luminous foundation which I do really like! I usually hate liquid or runny foundations because they n.e.v.e.r worked well for me in the past and just had zero coverage, highlighted every single dry piece of skin and pore and just looked ridiculous on me but this one I was surprised about. It is labelled as medium coverage but it really does cover up a lot (any my skin has had a minor like acne thing going on by nose and it worked really well on it) and the consistency although liquid does blend and sit really well. It also has a really nice natural glow to it so it gives a highlighter effect I think because its a moisturising foundation it just has that little extra shine to it so thats a bonus! It lasts a good while through the day too but because its a liquid it can go in places (chin usually) but my concealer sits really well with it, the brows go on really easily, and most importantly for me the powder sits well on top of it and theres no rubbing off when you apply it thank god! I would definitely recommend trying it out if you are looking for a lighter foundation! This would be really good for holidays as its light and contains SPF15 and is moisturising and you could use it everyday for sure.

The porcelain again I’m a little surprised about because it does go on well on the skin which I kind of was not expecting. As this is a pure liquid foundation I was expecting a little bit of resistance from my skin and the usual issues I have had with liquid foundations and also because its a shade lighter for it to not work for me but I will say that the coverage even for porcelain is quite good not 100% but a lot better than what I was expecting and it went on really smoothly. The powder on top though I did find a bit of an issue as it just sit very well with it but I think it depends on the primer you have on. I would use this on holidays maybe as a light day foundation but if I’m being honest I wouldn’t wear it out and about for everyday.

These products instantly caught my eye because even though I’m not entirely sure on how to use them I like that they sparkle. The L’Óreal palette I really like because its a versatile palette in that you can use them as eyeshadows and highlighters which is great because you can play around with them. Admittedly my eyeshadow game needs a lot of work (like a lot) but I did use this as a highlighter on Saturday night and I used the second shade from the left called Oh My Gold and its so pretty on. The handy thing with this is it gives little descriptions on the back of where the shades work best for example Oh My Gold works well as a highlighter for nose and lips.

The Rimmel eyeshadow I did try out on Saturday night too but unfortunately I have no photos (I somehow managed to come away with zero photos from Saturday night which is bizarre for me) so I will have to do full glam on a day off to show you soon what any of these are like on. Its a really rich colour and if you know what you’re doing (which I dont’) this could be absolutely bomb on. I just did my usual and did a single layer just to add a little colour to my lids (I have hooded lids so I never really bother with a lot of effort as you cant really see it anyway).

The blusher is actually an old one my aunt gave me but again would work as an eyeshadow maybe not a highlight as its a little dark for that but blusher again is something I never use as I have it in my head that I will look an absolute clown if I attempted it but she gave me a quick demo on how to use it and I love it. I only use it for nights out at the moment but its so nice on and really does make a difference.

The Rimmel jelly I bought 50% for the colour and use and 50% because of the fact its a jelly. I just thought it was really cool to have a highlighter as a jelly! The consistency is a jelly not a slime because theres a difference here. The slime is a stickier, more flexible and solid matter where as this jelly is a looser, wobblier consistency and you can dip your finger into it and it will just come away with you. I haven’t fully tried and tested this out yet but from sampling it I do know that you only need a tiny amount because a little goes a long way. It is a really bright gold as well and would definitely translate into photos and in darkness with a flash!

So thats all there is on my make up haul so I shall have a few selfies using these up soon hopefully! Speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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