Suits You : Summer Blazers

Hailey Baldwin on Pinterest by Street Style Wiki

Hailey Baldwin on Pinterest by Street Style Wiki

Hey guys and welcome to another post on BASIC by Lily and todays post is all about a very on trend item which is the blazer. Blazers are not just a handy thing to have for working in the office or a formal uniform job they are such a handy piece to have which makes such a difference to an outfit. You can dress it up or down and because they are in right now there are some really nice ones around. I literally only use blazers as jackets in the summer because they are lightweight but still work as a functional jacket. I currently have five in my wardrobe and my two newest ones are listed below. The others are older and are a bit out of date with the latest prints and patterns!

As I mentioned I have two of the blazers shown here and they are the snake print grey blazer and the mint green one both from Newlook. The grey one I have a petite size because the regular was a little too big on me even though they are meant to be oversized and it goes really well with just black or blue jeans and a white t-shirt or I do wear it with all black t-shirt and jeans with chelsea boots. The green I mentioned in my last post as wearing it with the white paperbag shorts and white t-shirt and that outfit with a low hair bun and aviator sunglasses is a very cool casual chic look. Its a really light crepe blazer too so its really handy for warmer weather or holidays too when it gets to that warm sunset but with a slight chill stage of an evening (can you tell I have sun holidays on my mind?).

I am especially loving the bright yellow blazer from Missguided I think that is such a fun colour especially for Summer and it would go with a lot! Just as an example I have a potential look here for a visual of how to wear it as a basic everyday look featuring products from both Missguided and Newlook.

Look One

Look Two

So thats all for today I hope this post gave a little inspiration to you and I shall speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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