London Looks : London Trip 2019

London by Lily

London city

Afternoon everyone and welcome to todays post about my London trip which Kevin and I went on at the end of June start of July which was definitely a needed break! We went over for about two weeks (thirteen days to be exact) to do the same as we did last year which was to house sit for my aunt who went on holiday and do some touring around and of course some shopping.

We did do a few tourist things last year as it was Kevins first time there so we did the London Eye, went to the Aquarium, saw a film in the IMAX cinema (which is the largest cinema screen in the UK and also has the best popcorn) so this time we tried out a few new things and did some of the same things too so along with all of those I will also start with my three favourite outfits for you!

Lily Atkinson photo

Double White


This outfit is so simple but so stylish and in the weather we were in (like degree heat in a city) it was a very comfortable option! I just styled this with the green blazer that I have in the links below to add a pop of colour. I adore these shorts and actually have them in the blue and black version as well because I honestly find it so hard to find shorts that fit. I prefer shorts to be high waisted but the downside of that is that usually for some reason if they are high waisted then they tend to be a bit too short for my liking. I have even ventured off into a childs shorts (Im a freakishly small person and usually shop petite anyway) but thats not always the best because they are shaped for a childs body and not a more “grown up” figure shall we say but these are perfect. They are high waist, looser on the legs and versatile. So there you go a simple but chic and comfortable look for everyday without being too basic at a basic price.

Lily Atkinson photo

Statement Sleeves


Now this top is very similar to the daisy print version I posted on Instagram a little while ago and i just had to get the red as well because they are just such a nice little top to have for summer. They are versatile too in a sense that you can wear the sleeves up on the shoulder, as a bardot top, as a one shoulder top and you can dress it up or down. Im really starting to wear more colours as it was one of my resolutions for the year and getting that bit more adventurous with my wardrobe so I’m quite proud of myself for purchasing a bright red colour!

Lily Atkinson photo

Double Denim


The white top I have in the photo is actually out of stock as it was on sale when I bought it so I have added a similar style vest top in the links as an alternative. I just love how the top is casual but still fun and for a vest isn’t too fitted because its more a cotton knit than a proper cotton vest and it has that bit of stretch and movement in it. I love the buttons as well they just add a little vintage vibe to it and make it that bit more interesting. The jeans I bought in Westfields in Shepherd’s Bush while we were in London because I have a very similar pair in the regular fit but they just don’t fit the waist properly (they had to bought in an emergency due to a ripping incident at work) and I just wanted a pair they fitted properly and these are such a good fit. They are a petite version of Newlook’s Lift & Shape denim range which are a really good flattering style of jean so they are definitely my favourite pair right now!

Two of the things I picked up besides the jeans is this Stradvarius bag which was on sale to I think thirteen pounds which roughly was about fourteen euro so not too much in the difference thank god! Most of my bags at this point are a croc effect and I loved this one because it looks like a designer piece with the trendy double circle design which a lot of stores have on a few different products for the last couple of months especially on belt buckles. The joggers are from Topshop and I am not someone who wears any kind of workout gear or sweatpants and only wears a sweatshirt more towards winter and even then thats only at home not out and about but these were just calling to me. I adore the fact that they are fitted and slim leg but still a jogger so you can pull the ankle up a little bit and have a slightly looser effect on the leg. Also the fact that they are a drawstring waist is a big plus for me! These are the regular fit and mine are the petite which actually went into the sale when I bought them! I also did buy a whole load of make up but I will do a separate post for that.

As we were in London last year as well we did a lot of tourist stuff the first time as Kevin had never been before so this time around we had more of a relaxed less touristy holiday but we did do something for everyday that we were there. We were staying in my aunts house as she had gone on holidays herself so our main job was to look after her two cats Millie and Coco who are also mother and daughter! We did go back and do a couple of things again like go to the Natural History Museum and the IMAX cinema to see Toy Story 4 (so good by the way!) and as I mentioned they do literally the best popcorn of all time. Its like a mixture of salted and sweet popcorn and its just addictive! We went back to Westfields shopping centre twice where I purchased the items below.  We did a few new things which included going to a Chocolate Museum in Brixton which I’ll be honest was actually a bit of a let down because it was literally the size of a storage cupboard unfortunately.

One of the new things we did was to go on a tour of Stamford Bridge (Kevins idea obviously) and I have never been into a football stadium before with the exception of being forced to play a few matches in primary school so it was quite cool to see the size of it and actually see it with my own eyes rather than on a tv screen or in pictures and Kevin really enjoyed it which was great! We got a look at the dressing rooms, stands, press room and they had jerseys and lockers out for people to take photos with so it was actually quite cool even though I have absolutely no idea about football!

Another place we discovered was an Italian restaurant called Pasta Brown which specialises in obviously all Italian food and it was really really good! The food was just so delicious and the flavours were so good and everything about it was just really good so I would definitely recommend going there if you are in London because it is definitely worth a visit!

So that is it for my latest post and on my trip my to London! Thanks for reading guys and I will speak to you soon!

Ever yours



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