Face First : New Skincare Routine


No.7 Skincare Products

Hey everyone and welcome to todays skincare post on the newly branded BASIC by Lily blog! Todays I’m going to be running you through my newest updated skincare routine as I realised I haven’t done one of these posts in a while and have been sticking mainly to store product posts rather than personal posts so here it is my first beauty related post of 2019!

So I have slowly but surely started to get into more detailed skin care routine as before I used to just my nightly moisturiser and a scrub whenever I showered but my skin recently had a bit of an off moment so I have decided to start getting into more of a daily routine to keep it happier. I’m a believer in not using too many products on your skin on a daily basis because I feel the more you use the more your skin goes through and also gets used to a product so it starts to in a way fight back against it and also I just like giving it breathing space to get air and direct natural light etc so I don’t use too many things but I have a new haul of products to tell you about! My products are mainly Boots No.7 range (and a couple of Garnier products) because I have just found that over the years of using different brands, learning about make up etc that No.7 is just what works best for me overall and yes they are that little bit more expensive (between €9-€22 depending on the product) they are what works best for me so this post is just my opinion and not any kind of sponsored/affliliated/gifted/advert blog post.


No.7 Micellar Water

So fist of all I have started removing my make up with the No.7 Micellar Water which I have avoided for a while because a lot of the other affordable brands Micellar Water I have used in the past just didn’t really do a lot for my skin and left it looking a little dry afterwards and some you had to really put effort into to remove everything but this is working really well for me. It just leaves you feeling moisturised and refreshed without having to rinse off afterwards which is really handy. You are never able to fully remove all make up with just one product even though you look bare faced and natural there is still residue left so I follow up with their Nourishing Cleansing Lotion which is just really creamy and rich and leaves a really soft and clean feeling and is almost like a moisturiser itself. This is then followed by my Hydra-luminous Gel which I’ll be honest Im not 100% on I’m more like 85% just because I think their basic night cream worked so well for me that this just doesn’t have the same result I think. It does work for me but I think overall I just prefer their basic night cream.


No.7 Intense Pore Scrub

When I have a shower I have a slightly different routine with a couple more products because I feel that its a good time to do scrubs and that afterwards because of the hot water, steam and heat that all the pores are naturally opened so that you can get more of a deeper clean. First up I have simplified my first step from putting on a mask and waiting twenty minutes for that, then washing it all off and then showering etc by using this Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash from the new Garnier Organics range which is certified organic, vegan and all packing is made from 100% recycled materials which immediately got me interested when I spotted this. The gel wash I would recommend trying out because it does work really well. It has a fresh and fragranced scent (it states that its made from organic lemongrass grown in Sri Lanka) and it just leaves you feeling really fresh faced, clean and completely bare faced rather than having a slightly soapy after feel.


Garnier Organics Gel Wash Detox and Lavender Serum

Then I shower so the pores get opened up and when I’m finished I go straight for the No.7 Face Scrub which I honestly cannot live without. It is just the best scrub I have ever had and I would encourage anyone to try it. It just removes any bit of left over residue, dry skin and you just feel like you have a completely new face afterwards.

Then for the final step I just use a couple drops of the Garnier Organics Lavander Oil which I don’t use that much because its actually for ageing (which isn’t stated on the packing unfortunately) and I definitely don’t need to be using anti ageing products at 23 but I do use it only after these other products I don’t use it everyday at all but thats just my own personal preference. Lavender has soothing properties so it just gives that little extra nourishment after using the gel wash and scrub. Garnier Organics have a whole range of products for different needs so I would take a look if you are interested in these two products.

I do have a good few beauty products to post about too as well as my London trip, moving house and all about the blog change too so there will be lots of content coming up soon! So stayed tuned for more BASIC content!

Ever Yours



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