Met Gala 2019 : Camp – Notes on Fashion

Halsey Met Gala 2019

Halsey in Prabal Gurung – Serious Princess Jasmine Feels!

Hey guys and welcome to my annual Met Gala blog post on my favourite and least favourite looks from the yearly event! I honestly obsess over the Met Gala every year because the fashion is just so amazing and its just such a beautiful display of designers talents and skills and there were definitely some amazing looks from last nights event and then again some not so amazing looks. If you haven’t read any of my Met Gala posts before then basically this is a round up of my personal favourites and least favourite looks from the night.

The Met Gala is hosted by Anna Wintour and this year the theme was Camp : Notes on Fashion as it works with the new exhibition coming up at the MET Museum inspired by the US writer and the activist Susan Sontag and her Essay “Notes on Camp” from 1964. So for fashion it mirrors the sense of humour, theatricals, parody and a dash of exaggeration which was definitely spot on with some of the looks! So without further adieu here are my best looks!

My number 1 has to be Halsey (above) she just looked so amazing and like a goddess with that deep cherry red and the gold bracelets and armlets along with her gorgeous skin and make up she just looked flawless! Here are the rest of my favourites along with some other amazing looks!

Gemma Chan Met Gala 2019

Gemma Chan in Tom Ford – This headpiece is amazing!

Kylie Jenner Met Gala 2019

Kylie Jenner in Versace – Absolutely obsessed with this

Celine Dion Met Gala 2019

Celine Dion in Oscar De La Renta – She looks absolutely beautiful. A goddess! 

Saoirse Ronan Met Gala 2019

Saoirse Ronan in Gucci – I love the colours! A natural Irish beauty! 

Lady Gaga Met Gala 2019

Lady Gaga by Bradon Maxwell – 4 outfits in 15 minutes. Lady Gaga is that bitch. 

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Met Gala 2019

Rosie Huntington Whitely in Oscar De La Renta – A classical beauty

Kendall Jenner Met Gala 2019

Kendall Jenner in Versace – I adore this colour on her! So beautiful! 

Dua Lipa Met Gala 2019

Dua Lipa in Versace – It has pockets too! 

And here are my least favourite looks from the night. There are always people who miss the mark at these kinds of events and these are the ones who didn’t do anything for me last night so in no particular order :

Kris Jenner Met Gala 2019

Kris Jenner in Tommy Hilfiger

Kris Jenner is a stunning woman for her age (even though she has had help with it) but she looks a little aged last night in this look which is just not working for me. I like the idea of the blonde wig but it seems to yellow to me for this look and I think that a silvery blonde may have worked better and tied in with the outfit more as its more of a navy colour. The jumpsuit looks like it doesn’t actually fit her also. There just seems to be bags of excess around the waist area, the eye make up seems a little heavy and I just think she could have had a better look for her.

Karlie Kloss Met Gala 2019

Karlie Kloss in Gucci x Dapper Dan

Its boring. Thats all I can really say about this. Its a plain gold, puffy sleeve dress that looks like it belongs to a prom date from the early 90s who was asked last minute. The sleeves could have been so much better if they were a literal puff ball sitting right on top of the shoulder in my opinion.

Tiffany Haddish Met Gala 2019

Tiffany Haddish in Michael Kors

Apparently she was aiming for a “Pimperella” vibe with this outfit and she got it. I just don’t feel it. It does nothing for her, the print combined with the oversized style and bootcut trouser legs, just makes her looks bigger than she is and then the hat and matching bag as well I just can’t get on board with it.

Katy Perry Met Gala 2019

Katy Perry in Moschino

You’re creative Katy we get it. Its the Met Gala not a live broadway show of Beauty and The Beast. I know that the Jenner sisters based themselves on the ugly stepsister but they looked stunning,  Zendaya wore a light up Cinderella dress complete with fairy godmother stylist Law Roach but this is just a bit over the top. Besides that your back is going to be in bits from having to hold up the dress, the head piece and your arms up in that position for a length of time.

Olsen Twins Met Gala 2019

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Vintage Chanel

Tired looking, plain, uninteresting and just flat looking outfits. Its vintage Chanel you can have fun with it and considering the theme it was the opportunity to do so but classic Olsen twins they chose to be exactly as I described the outfits in the opening sentence…

Kristen Stewart Met Gala 2019

Kristen Stewart in Chanel

Its a no from me. Kristen has pulled off some amazing red carpet looks in the past but this is just very throw together I feel and then the hair as well?

I hope you enjoyed this years Met Gala review post and have a happy Tuesday!

Ever yours



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