May Wishlist – Summer Is Coming


Good afternoon guys and happy Sunday I hope the week has treated you well! Todays post is all about some Summer pieces in my wishlist from Newlook as Summer is (hopefully) just around the corner! We were teased a bit here in Ireland a couple weeks ago as we had some really nice warm weather and because of that I started packing away the Winter pieces and stocking up on the Summer stuff except now its gone back to being rainy and grey typical! That doesn’t stop me from keeping an eye on some pieces though some of which I have already bought. I am definitely switching up my style this Summer a little bit as I have already bought a few pieces that I would never have bought before. I have always been quite safe with my outfits in general the usual jeans, top, boots etc and in summer shorts, top, boots so I am excited to actually put on these outfits I have in my head and see them come to life but I just need the weather to co-operate!


Newlook have started to get some really nice pieces in and in my honest opinion for a while there they didn’t really have a lot that I felt like was amazing like there was nice stuff but thats all it was just nice and not really something I felt like I really really wanted but in the last few weeks I have definitely treated myself with a lot of the newness that has come in! Out of the pieces that I have included here is my outfit planning :

Snake print Jacket – White Tshirt – Snake Print Skirt

  • I cant really claim the idea for this one as its how it is styled on the website but I would definitely put a belt around the top of the skirt just to break it up a little and wear either boots or white trainer with it as I think its a really cool combination and the print isn’t something I would usually go for but I feel like its a good colour for me as I am almost addicted to black and white combinations and even though its grey its a step away!

Black Button Dress

  • I am definitely not one to wear casual dresses and usually only for for them if its an occasion but this dress is actually so cute on and it has an open back with a little tie to put the top in to however you want it to fit. I think I would probably wear it with boots as it sits at a good length on the leg that it gives a cool festival-esque vibe from it and of course it would be so handy for a vacation as well as everyday summer wear!

Blue Bardot Bodysuit – Black Shorts

  • The bardot bodysuit is a cute simple one that you can wear with anything really jeans, skirts, shorts and I think it would definitely be cute with the black ripped shorts as it has the little frill detail around the neck so it just adds a little something to a look. I have worn it already with black jeans and just some small but statement earrings with my hair up as I personally think when you wear a bardot top your neckline is really the accessory so theres no need for any jewellery but thats just me!

Leopard Print Playsuit – White Tshirt

  • I have to admit I didn’t really think twice about this playsuit when I first saw it in store and then the other day I literally just thought of it over a white tshirt and I had to have it! It has an elasticated waist which is always handy and really handily adjustable straps too! I just picture it over the white tshirt with boots and maybe a little belt to break it up. This playsuit is also cute on its on for vacations or beachwear and is available in plain black, yellow, lilac and another like tie dye print also!

Red Cameo Rose Printed Dress – White Trainers

  • I again didn’t really think much of this dress when it first landed in stores then one of the girls at work wore it with white trainers on a night out and with tan on it looked stunning on here and I fell in love with it! It is very cute on and has a little lace up detail on the front on the neckline too. I would wear it with a waist belt but its really cute either way and I honestly cannot wait to wear this! Its available in a black version as well but I just love the red more as its just such a nice change from black and is really summery.

Black Mesh Top – Black Shorts – White Trainers

  • The black mesh top is an adventurous one for me because I am not one to wear anything kind of see through or too revealing but this top is so nice over a bodysuit. Some of the girls at work wear it over a bralet which is great if you have that kind of confidence but I don’t so the bodysuit works for me!

Black Satin Skirt – White Trainers

  • This skirt I am actually going to wear as a dress. As I am more petite these style skirts are usually a bit too long and a bit too wide at the waist for me personally so because the waist is elasticated I an pulling it up to wear as a strapless dress and putting a little waist belt around the middle to shape it more and thats it! I think it would be really cute with the white trainers for everyday or with nude strappy heels for more dressy occasions and because its more of a satin material than cotton its just sits in all the right places. This is available as a petite skirt if you are like me but want it for a skirt but thats how I am going to wear it anyway!

There are a few more pieces in here that I have purchased which are the black court shoes, black scoop back swimsuit and the black bardot dress. I do have to try on and make my mind up about some more items and no doubt there will be a lot more added to this list by the time May comes around and summer does eventually hit us here in Ireland so stay tuned! Also because of this wardrobe update I have added a good few pieces over on my Depop along with a few accessories, homeware and footwear too so take a look and let me know if you see anything you like!

Thanks so much for reading guys and have a nice weekend!

Ever Yours



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