Whats On My November Wishlist : Newlook


Afternoon guys and happy Sunday to you I hope the weekend has treated you well and that you are all having a relaxing Sunday wherever in the world you are. Todays post is one I have been meaning to do for a little while on some of current crushes on some Newlook pieces some of which I have actually bought already and other I still have my eye on! Obviously going into Winter there are just some necessary things that need to be bought ie jumpers, scarves, thicker jackets etc especially living here in Ireland the Winters can get really cold and definitely wet and rainy with a chance of snow so things like that are always an essential but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them at the same time! So the items I have below are kind of a mix of trendy Winter wear and just some handy pieces for any day through out the year.

So as I mentioned earlier there are a few pieces in here that I have bought already and they are the

  • White Teddy Borg Jacket €39.99
  • Black Wool Blend Beret €12.99
  • Cameo Rose Red Frill Trim Crop Jumper €19.99
  • Black Boucle Button Front Jacket now €33.74
  • Black Leather Gold Circle Belt €12.99

I am utterly obsessed with the white teddy jacket it is just the cosiest thing ever and I thought when I fitted it on that I wouldn’t get any luck with it because me being my size it would be way too big on me but its actually really nice being that bit over sized and even though I wore it with all black and then silver patent boots (Im hoping to get an outfit shot for Instagram during the week) it was simple but still so cool on! It is there in a few different colours and is there in a black and brown longer coat version with poppers instead of the zip which is also really nice but just that bit to big for me when I tried it (the sleeve length is always just a bit too long on me with coats like that) but I am considering getting that too!

The beret I am surprised about because I am definitely not a hat person besides the odd basic beanie hat in freezing Winter when its needed but I actually do really like it! Its kind of Parisian chic and just adds a little something to an outfit. I haven’t worn it properly yet but when I do I’ll be sure to get a picture of that up as well. I wear glasses so I didn’t think it would go with them because glasses can sometimes throw off any kind of head / hair accessories unless you are willing to wear contact lenses (I don’t unless its an occasion because Im not fussed with them) but it actually goes well with them! The red jumper and boucle jacket I am still playing around with to wear but again I’ll get a photo up on Instagram when I wear them!

The other pieces I have my eye on for the moment and especially that purple sparkle dress as its identical to Kourtney Kardashian’s La Perla dress for Kylie Jenners Birthday party! Also it would be really handy for coming into Christmas for staff parties and general dressy nights out too. I honestly would have done this look for Halloween if I had had time to plan out a costume (I ended up on a very last minute dress up night out and literally changed 400 times before I left because I had nothing!) then this would have been it as its my kind of Halloween dress up! The dress is only €24.99 and its such a stunning colour and style.

I will keep you guys posted on what new pieces I purchase from this wish-list and other stores too and as I mentioned before I really want to start getting my outfits and looks up on Instagram more so I am going to start allowing some extra time before work and take time on days off to get some out my outfits photographed and actually show you guys what Im wearing and how Im wearing the pieces I talk about in blog posts. I’m not one to really take a lot of photos of myself per say (I used to be when selfies were all the rage back when they became a thing but I kind of grew out of it) with the exception of maybe a selfie on the odd night out but I want to start getting more active on Instagram and involve you with my looks more so stay tuned!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Ever Yours



*This is NOT an AD guys I am not paid or supported in anyway for ANY of my posts they are all off my own back of pieces/products that I have used, bought, trust, tested and know of. I am always on sharing my own thoughts and opinions on products/pieces/brands with you.

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