Halloween 18 : Halloween Inspiration

Halloween Illustration

Halloween Illustration on Pinterest

Afternoon everyone and happy bank holiday Monday to you! Im a little late to the party but I am giving you my annual Halloween post on some make up inspiration and some outfit pieces to complete a look or if you’re a bit last minute like me find something to be! I have already seen a lot of Halloween looks by celebrities like Rita Ora as Post Malone, Halsey as Poison Ivy, Nicky Hilton as Paris Hilton (which I personally think was genius), Nina Dobrev as A Star Is Born (google it because its really good!) and theres a good few more but they are the ones that stood out for me at the moment! I think this year theres definitely more of a theme of dressing as celebrities and movie characters rather than the usual superhero or comic book characters as I have seen a lot of posts of people dressing as Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Freddie Mercury and a good few other famous names. I could be wrong about that but from what I have seen there doesn’t seem to be too many batmen, supermen or spidermen looks around at the moment having said that I have seen some attempts at some Venom looks but hey its only the 29th so theres still more to come!

 Halloween Make Up Inspiration


I think with halloween make up its really a chance to get experimental and try out some stuff and theres always some helpful tutorials online if you want a bit of know how before you begin! I have said it before and I will say it again I am not the one that goes all out on halloween and I am always pretty low key with a touch of a costume or character here and there so I don’t think you will ever see my in some of these really creative and cool make up looks! I don’t think you would need to necessarily be a dedicated make up artist to pull off a halloween look either to do a simple themed look but if you want to attempt something a little more complex like skeleton look I have above I would say go have a look at a tutorial so you can at least get an idea of the products to use! I think my personal favourite out of these is the Violet Beauregard look as its just different and not something you would see usually as a choice for halloween. Cruella De Vil is another make up look on my level because its fairly simple and not too much artwork for me!

Halloween Outfits and Accessories

So here I have a mix of products from Newlook, ASOS and Missguided. A lot of stores have their “Halloween Collection” option in their menu which is great for finding all those definite halloween pieces and accessories but I’ll be honest and say that I also had a look in the “Party/Going Out Collection” options as well as you never know what you might find in there that would work for whatever you are planning on wearing so there are a couple of dresses in here that are from the party sections like Mauve Missguided Satin Dress which would be very cool if you were going for a really girly costume like Elle from Legally Blonde, Barbie Doll or maybe Paris Hilton. That dress is also available in black too for any more vampire, witch-esque looks. I also have added a yellow check skirt from ASOS by Unique21 which has a matching a jacket which would be perfect for Clueless costumes! I have a few pairs of sunglasses in here also which I think would be very cool for a vintage look. I actually think that the pink satin dress, dalmation handbag and white sunglasses would make a cute barbie doll look (I honestly wasn’t think that when I uploaded them to the post so that funny how that worked out!) all you would need is a blonde wig! Here below are a few images that I have found of some pieces that are really similar to the ones I have included in this post!

I hope you all have a great halloween and enjoy yourself with whatever you get up to! I will just say to remember to be safe on the night though as you never know who is around especially halloween where everyone is in costumes and masks and considering everything that has been going on within the last year or so I will say girls just stay close to your friends and don’t let yourself get separated from your group and find yourself alone at night in a place you might not be too familiar with if you are out. Boys just remember that No means No and don’t let yourself be put in the position where someone feels like they are being harassed or threatened. So for everyone even though its halloween and its playing pretend in a way just always stay decent and respectful of others and their personal space and just stay aware of when someone is clearly not feeling your vibe and obviously has zero interest in interacting with you because thats your opportunity to back away and go find someone who does have an interest.

So I will leave you with that and I hope you are all enjoying bank holiday Monday and speak to you all soon!

Ever yours



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