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Hello everyone and welcome back to another post here on the blog and today I am sharing some knitwear pieces that I have been loving lately from a few different stores but mainly Newlook (I know I work there so maybe I am slightly biased!). The Autumn weather is definitely starting to hit home here and the days are getting a little chillier even though the sun is still making a regular appearance. I love this time of year because its still sunny and a manageable temperature but still theres a chill so you can play around a lot with what you wear for example a knit jumper but with a skirt and boots to be warm but not too warm. One thing I love about Autumn-Winter is the knitwear because its just an essential and if you find that one cosy jumper or cardigan you will live in! I also love scarves for this time of year because they are the handiest piece to have ever in your wardrobe but I will talk about scarves in another post I think!

One thing I actually don’t like about this time of year is the hunt itself for jumpers. I am quite small so I am kind of in-between a UK size 6 and a UK Petite size 6 and most of the time jumpers and cardigans are sized S-M-L which doesn’t help. I myself usually find that a Small is too big and just baggy on the arms and a bit too long for me and more often than not there isn’t a whole load of petite jumpers around (or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place if anyone knows of anywhere that does petite jumpers let me know!) a few stores have a petite section but when it comes to knitwear there isn’t a whole load of selection. Don’t get me wrong oversized jumpers can be super comfy and I definitely have some but its nice to have the sized jumpers too. I have already started to stock up on some knitted pieces as I did a major clear out a while ago and a good few of my jumpers had to go so Im due to update the collection!

I have already bought two pieces which feature below :

Newlook Yellow Long Sleeve Jumper – €29.99

Newlook Off White Check Knitted Jumper – €29.99

I am definitely eying up another few pieces as I go like the Black Chenille Roll Neck Jumper which we had in our store in the pink colour (also available online) but the black just seems way more appealing to me as some of you might be aware my wardrobe isn’t the most colourful! I am definitely trying to inject some colour in though with my Lemon Yellow jumper I mentioned above! I also have my eye on the Light Pink V Neck Fluffy jumper also but I’m not sure on the pink as I am definitely not a pink kind of girl when it comes to clothing so I will have to think about it! It is really nice on though as I tried it on at work and its a really nice fit and style so its definitely an option for me! I will definitely be stocking up on the warmer clothes the further into Winter we go so definitely keep an eye out for my purchases over on Instagram!

A Little About My Absence

As a little side note I thought I would just say a little piece on my absence from blogger as it has definitely been some time since I have properly posted since July so first of all let me apologise for my lack of content. I think that for me work has just been a bit demanding lately and I haven’t had the energy or inspiration to post which seems a bit stupid considering the point of blogging is to be regular but it does take a bit of work to find all the content, get it all together, get all the links sorted, type it all up, etc etc and not that I am complaining but my work hours haven’t really allowed me to fulfil all my blogging duties. I am going to try and get a blog post done on my days off from now on and get back to my regular Instagrams as I have been a little quiet across everything. I am still working on changing the blog up including title as I just dont feel like the name Evanna Lily works for me anymore so I will keep working on that and hopefully have it done before the year is out.

Ever Yours



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