Chic With Chickidee : New Favourite Homeware Store


Chickidee Store in Wimbledon Shopping Centre

Afternoon everyone and welcome back to another post all about homeware! The more I think about it the more I feel like homeware is something I could actually do for a living a never get sick of it. I just love a good browse at interior decorations and especially when its affordable and you know you will get good use out of it. Homeware is something that will always be needed whether you have a house full of stuff or have a more minimal look going. There are always essentials that you never think of when you are moving or home shopping that you don’t think of until you need it so homeware is always going to be something that people need and are looking at. I came across this particular brand of homeware while I was in London last month and I am obsessed. I knew I was going to be obsessed the minute I walked in there! Having looked at their website there is some really nice bits on there! These are just some of the stunning things they have to offer!

I personally love a good candle and I find them especially good in the evening when you want to relax and to unwind they just create a good mood. I especially like scented ones that aren’t too sweet and that actually stay scented throughout use so the options I have here sound like a really nice scents! There are more scents available on the websites as well so its definitely worth a look! I love the different trending products they have at the moment and even though I would be more typical white, rose gold, copper, black style homeware I do like the look of some of their botanical trend products. For example the leaf print cushion would be really nice on a black leather sofa in a white living room just to add a pop of colour and be a refreshing burst of colour and maybe contrast to a room.

I just love all their little pieces like the clear vase with a the “Just be gold” slogan is just simple but so pretty and eye-catching to have in a room somewhere on a shelf or table along with the gold pot holder for plants. Its simple but would make such a difference to a corner of a room with a green leafy plant to add colour and tie in the botanical cushion too. I personally would opt for a false plant here because I myself cannot keep a real plant alive because I always forget to water them but if you are someone who enjoys plants this would be really cool to have. For anyone who doesn’t know me I am slightly obsessed with nice notebooks and have a small collection going and these two are exactly the kind I would buy. I especially love the star sign notebook because its more personal and would make a really nice gift for someone!

One day I will have a homeware post on my own home at some point but until then you can see all my homeware posts under the Home category on the blog! I honestly cannot wait to have my own place to just completely decorate and fill with stuff and out my own mark on it but for now I can only dream!

Ever yours




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