Primark Beauty Haul : Honest Opinion


Afternoon everyone and happy Sunday to you! I have a day off work today since last week as since becoming supervisor at work I’m doing a good few hours so I’m bringing you a new post on some beauty products that I have recently tried out! I realised the other day that I haven’t done a personal/own content post in a good while and that I have mainly been doing trending products and pieces from stores and online so I went typical fashion blogger and put my white fur rug to work like the old days! By the way the white and grey fluffy rugs in these photos are actually mini throws from Primark too but they double up really well as little floor rugs in a bedroom! Iv literally just used a square of body tape to hold them in place!

So you will know from previous posts and instagrams that my daily foundation is and has been for the last year No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation which is coloured matched to my skin tone but I feel like I need to change up my foundation and try something new on my skin. So I have a bit of an ongoing beauty haul going and here is what I have tried so far!

Lily Atkinson Primark Beauty Photo

Primark Nudes Contour and Highlight Palette

Lily Atkinson Primark Beauty Photo

Primark Nudes Contour and Highlight Palette

So the first thing I picked up in Pennys was part of their new nudes collection which I think is similar to the KKW Nudes Palette (Speaking of KKW how gorgeous is the blue shade in her KKWxMario collection?!) and as I’m not a big fan of colours really being on my face like pink blushes or eyeshadows I thought these would be nice subtle but noticeable shades for highlight and eyeshadows. How pretty are Empowered and Discreet? Its a really sparkly and rich colour which is goes on really well. I’m no beauty expert but I dont think you would need much to get the effect! I haven’t used the contour shade yet as I find a lot of contour shades similar to this are too dark for me as Im so pale but I will try it with a darker foundation for when I have tan on. I would give this palette a 10/10 because it definitely could be a big beauty brand quality palette but without the price tag and the shades are stunning and they are definitely able to be mixed between an eyeshadow and a highlight.


Im going to start with the silicone beauty blenders as they were a bit of thing a while back and I remember thinking how ridiculous they were at the time. So I picked them up on a whim as they were on sale and thought I would try them as my beauty blender sponges were getting a bit old and tired and I must say I’m a bit surprised by them. They are definitely a bit odd at first because lets face it they look like some sort of implant and are a bit strange but the difference between them and the sponges with applying foundation are very noticeable. First off for obvious reasons the silicone doesn’t absorb liquids so you don’t need half as much foundation as you do for a sponge because it just spreads it evenly all over the applied area and really does give good coverage. I do however just lightly pat down my face with a sponge blender after just to make sure that its all even and that there isn’t any excess. So I would give them an 8/10 as they are that bit better than a sponge but they are a little bit messier.

The foundation is a different story. I love a matte foundation so these velvet finish foundations caught my eye and I decided to try them out. I knew that the colour wasn’t going to be 100% right for me as I find porcelain is too white and ivory is just that little bit too warm for my skin tone so I really need one in between those shades. I have tried mixing the two to tone down the ivory but its not 100% great. I have to admit I am disappointed with them. For a velvet finish it is really liquid and fluid. I would expect a matte or velvet finish to be a bit heavier or more of a mousse but these are really runny. I personally didn’t find that they covered anything and just sort of sat there and whenever I tried to put powder or concealer over it it just wiped away with the blender and it just would not go right for me. I know there are loads of people who love the Pennys make up range and use it everyday but for me personally these foundations did not hit the mark. The squeeze drop top doesn’t seem to work that well either only collecting a small amount of foundation. Overall for my skin and my presences I would give them 2/10. The two goes for price because they are only €6.00 but I wouldn’t buy them again now I have tested them. The powder Im not sure on because I think the colour is just wrong as its porcelain!

So to sum up I would definitely go get the highlight/contour palette and try out the silicone blenders! I hope you enjoyed todays post and I will speak to you soon as Im off to celebrate our two year anniversary with Himself!

Ever Yours



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