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Afternoon to you all and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a good weekend and are not too rolled up in the fact that a new week is starting and its back to work. Can you believe we are nearly in March already? This month has just flown by! January seemed to last for an age but February has just flown by compared to it! February has been an interesting month for me though as there has just been a few things going one of which is taking a promotion at work which I am still adjusting to and have a good bit to learn but I am interested to see where it leads! I also crossed seeing Dermot Kennedy off my bucket list as I got to see him in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on Thursday which was very special. If you don’t know who he is then definitely go an listen to his songs because he really is such a talented and amazing singer/songwriter from Dublin.

On thing that has been trending in February is t-shirts and more specifically slogan t-shirt. They are something that I am definitely getting into. All I love to wear is a nice t-shirt and jeans or shorts with a blazer or light jacket in the summer so its cute, simple but chic and able to made dressy. They are actually really handy for nights out as well as they can be tied/knotted in the front and put with a cool skirt and a leather jacket and you have yourself a dressy but not too much effort look! I have a mix of different stores t-shirts down below for you to have a look at and get some inspiration from!


I have already bought two of the t-shirts in this selection both from Newlook (where else haha) and they are my new favourite pieces of clothing.

  1. The Newlook Ninety Two Stripe T-shirt. It is such a handy one to have and they way that I have worn it so far is by tying it at the front with a hair tie and having it look slightly cropped and with black jeans and a leather jacket for a night out but I am dying to wear it with a black dressy midi skirt because I think it will just be such a cool look for going out when you dont want to make a load of effort with your look or for last minute nights out. I did mention this t-shirt in my last blog post which you can see by clicking here
  2. Newlook Red Stripe Heart Breaker Embroidered T-shirt. I actually bought this in a size up because my regular size actually looked a bit small on me and was a bit too fitted looking but the next size looked way better and felt that bit more roomy which I like in t-shirts because they are meant on that more casual side. I wore it in Dublin with a pair of lighter jeans and a black leather jacket and it was a really cute look!

I do like the simple little slogan t-shirts like the heartbreaker, dreamer or everything t-shirts where the slogan is still there but its not a big massive print so it could be a plain top if you have a jacket or blazer on. I do however enjoy the more comical slogan like “Im allergic to boring people” because it just adds a little something extra to the look and would grab someones eye. I like these t-shirts that are funny without being too far out there to the point where people would take offence or see them as disrespectful to anyone. Fashion is yours to have fun with whatever way you want and what you like but I think if theres particular words or wording that is aimed at something specific in a bad way then I think you should have little think about how that would look for you to wear it.

Thats all from me today so I hope you all have a good Tuesday and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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