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Afternoon to you all and happy Monday to you all I hope that your week is starting off well even if it is a Monday. The weather here in Ireland is still a bit cold and Wintery with a few storms that have happened in the last few days so Winter wear is definitely something thats still being thought about! One piece of clothing that is definitely warm and cosy in this wintery weather is a faux fur which is very popular at the moment. Faux fur jackets are being bought more for night out at work than everyday but there are still some gorgeous pieces that are versatile enough for everyday as well as dressing up. I myself bought a faux fur leopard print coat in January last year and its such a handy thing to have. I myself wouldn’t really wear it for work because if I end up having to put rubbish from delivery or the bins out than I don’t want it ruined! Some people would think that a full faux fur coat is a bit much for everyday but there are other ways to incorporate it into an everyday look!

Faux Fur Jackets & Coats

Faux Fur Scarves & Stoles 

Faux Fur Hats & Accessories

In this post I have three categories of faux fur styles to get inspiration from the first being the fur coats in different colours and styles. There is a mix of Missguided and Asos in the selection which are all affordable and very stylish. The Missguided yellow fur I think would be a very good piece to have because Mustard and Yellow are very popular colours and Yellow coats are definitely selling out in almost every store so I think this is one to watch. Leopard print is always a popular print too in any shade because it goes so well with nearly everything especially all black outfits! I have in the second category a selection of faux fur scarves all from ASOS and all very affordable. I love a faux fur stole to add to a plain coat in Winter and put with jacket in Spring. I literally just safety pin it onto the collar of a coat and it really adds something to your normal every day look. I love the colours and styles of the ones here they are all just so expensive looking but with a friendly price!

My last category has a selection of fluffy/faux fur accessories like keyring and bobble hats from Newlook and ASOS. I especially love the nude coloured headband from ASOS I just think its so chic and versatile and its only €10! Along with the Leopard print backpack which is also quite cute yet chic. Also for any readers based un the U.S.A Newlook are now able to ship to the United States from the website! I have had a few people ask me where they can get the Pure Perfume in the US (You can see my post from a couple years ago on those perfumes by clicking here) so you can now shop Newlook.com in Dollars and have it delivered to you in the US!

Thats all from me today so I hope you have found some inspiration in this post for your Spring/Winter wear! I hope you all have a good Monday and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours




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