To A New Beginning : 2018

Happy New year

Happy New Year Pinterest

Good afternoon everyone and a very happy new year to you wherever you are in the world. I hope that you all celebrated the coming of the new year in a way that you loved and you started it off with a smile on your face and a bit of excitement in your heart. I personally spent it with my family and himself at home eating food and drinking wine while watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny on BBC1 which is exactly the way I like to spend my new years. So I hope you all had a fun and joyful new years wether you were at home or out on the town so I say Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

This is my first post since my Christmas Gift Guide for Him blog post before Christmas so I will start by apologising for my absence over the December month. I know I have said this before but this year my resolution is to have more content on the blog and to really keep up to date with it. I am also going to completely redo the blog at some point including a name change as Evanna Lily just is not working for me anymore. I will explain more once it all sorted but I am going to do a complete clean slate with the blog (my previous blog posts will still be available) and start it completely fresh faced and new. I am not a serious big blogger as you all know but it is something I do genuinely enjoy doing and getting to share my interest in fashion and style is great so even though I may not post for a week or so and go quiet for a little while I will always come back to write. So moving forward from that todays post is just on some of my new years resolutions and a little look back at 2017.



Lessons Learnt

  1. Mastering your eyebrow technique is not that hard once you find a shape thats right for you. I was (embarrassingly) shaping my eyebrows with a round head brow shape which looking at now just makes me cringe but once I started to test out the natural brow shape more and more the better I got and the more I realised how wrong my previous style was for me!
  2. Sometimes its the place not the people. I have learnt in the last year how people can get attached and comfortable in a place and with people and feel like they are trapped. They can think that people are the reason that they feel that way and contribute to them feeling stuck and unhappy with where they are. Sometimes spending so much time in one place experiencing the good, bad, lessons and people for so long can wear you down and the place can be the reason. There has been so much happen there that the energy just hangs around and stays there refusing to let you forget those places that made a mark on your life. This can be a good thing too but I think its a good thing to get away from the familiar place for a while and who knows you may fall in love with somewhere new and decide you want to write a chapter of your life there.
  3. The world is a scary place. The attacks throughout 2017 like Manchester at the Arianna Grande concert that occurred last year have really impacted people because people are now afraid to experience things without the thought of those attacks in the back of their minds. As awful as these attacks are people still came together to show that we are not defeated and that the attempts to destroy us have only made us stronger. The lives lost in these attacks are a tragedy but we cannot let the hate of others taint our lives. What I feel it is important to remember is that we cannot paint people with the same brush as if they are all responsible for the actions of misguided, misinformed people. There are extremists in every religion so we cant forget those who are being victimised by their religion because of the actions of another. We all share this world and none of us are better or more important than others. All we can do is hope that the mist of hate that clouds the eyes of some people (from all religions and races) will become clearer and that we together find a solution.
  4. Wearing your dressing gown all day as a jacket at home to keep you warm is completely acceptable. Just put it on on top of your clothes all day or when you come home from work and your basically wearing a sleeved blanket. If you haven’t tried it do because its great. Its so comfy to just chill with your dressing gown on with a cup of tea watching a movie at the end of the day or on a lazy day off.
  5. Relationships are not always smooth sailing. When you watch sitcoms and movies there is always the group made up of colleagues or college friends characters and they are always having a fun time and getting through life together and the truth is its not exactly like that. Yes I would hope that you have someone to talk to and walk you down the path of life with but there will always be rocky parts that sometimes you need to stop and figure out a way around. Everyone has their different social relationships that are always forever changing. Changing jobs, homes, partners, fashion, interests and sometimes those things clash with others and opinions are different so it can cause rifts and disagreements which are just a part of life and sometimes they figure themselves out over time and other times they make you realise that maybe going separate ways is a good thing.

I have more that 2017 taught me but I think thats enough reading for you all right now! I do have some new years resolutions like I said above and they are some serious ones and a couple of not so serious ones but I am determined to keep them all and stick to my list!


Goals & Resolutions For The New Year

  1. To cut way back on processed and sugary foods. Because of my working hours I always end up popping across the road on my lunch for a microwave meal/ snacks and I am just sick of them. One because they are really unhealthy and mostly bland and secondly because I’m spending money on food I could have done at home. So from my first day back to work tomorrow in 2018 I will have a lunch with me instead and be saving money at the same time.
  2. To stick to a bedtime routine. I know I’m only 22 and that sounds very old lady of me but again because of my working hours I could be in work at 6am to 2:30pm and some days not finishing until 6:30 or 3am so my body clock is often messed up and I’m awake until 2am when Im in at 6am so I want to get into a proper sleep routine regardless of what time I’m working the next day so I do get a good few hours sleep and feel less exhausted at the peak of the day. (4pm is always the time when tiredness just hits you isn’t it?)
  3.  To stop comparing myself to others. This is something that is really hard to do because of social media and that there is always something posted by someone and it seems like they are doing way better at life than you and that they have everything all figured out when in actual fact all they can do is post a convincing Instagram or Snapchat and give the impression that life is perfect. So my plan is to cut back on my social media scrolling just to see who has posted what and to be less involved in the world of “insta worthy photos”.
  4. Another goal of mine for 2018 is to change up my work a little bit. I have been in Newlook for 3 and a bit years now and Im starting to think that maybe a change is needed. Wether thats change jobs all together or go for a different position I dont know yet so I will see where 2018 takes me!
  5. I am going to take two breaks a year. One to go on a proper abroad holiday with himself and another to go on an Ireland holiday for a few days in another county just to see a bit more of Ireland and to get some travelling in. I do like travelling abroad and getting that nice time away from normal life because I think its a healthy thing to do. Last year I was in Spain for two weeks with my family and did go to Kildare and Wexford a few days each which were great!

2017 was an interesting year for all of us so I am curious to see what the new year has in store not only for me but for the world. So cheers to all the memories from the previous year and hello to all the new things to come!

Ever Yours



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