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Lily Atkinson N07 Skincare

No7 Cleanser//Toner//Exfoliator Scrub//Night Cream//Day Cream//

Afternoon everyone and happy Wednesday to you I hope you all had a great Halloween whatever you got up to for it! Halloween fell on a weekday this year so it was a bit of an odd time to celebrate it but here in Ireland we had a bank holiday Monday so halloween was celebrated more on the weekend/Monday instead of the actual day (Tuesday). Todays post is a bit of beauty talk and its all about my new routine using No7 products! I basically started using these because I already use their foundation and my normal Garnier Cleanser was starting to loose its affect I was finding so I said I would try out some No7 make up removers as I use the foundation and face powder so it was purely just out of interest that I started them (and they had an offer of 3 for 2 at the time which always helps!) and I am so glad that I did. So I originally bought just the moisturisers and a pack of easy make up wipes and a couple days later picked up the cleanser, toner and scrub. So I will go through each one through the post and let you know how they are!

As you know none of my content is sponsored here, or a advertising post or hardly ever any kind of a collaboration with brands so all my reviews and content is always my own words and my own personal choice of products and pieces to use in my blog posts which are always honest and so I hope that you find my review of these products helpful! I am obviously not a skincare or cosmetics expert so if you are concerned about products affecting your own skin if you have acne for example or if you just don’t know what your skin needs then do check with a member of staff in the store because they do know what is meant to work for what!

Lily Atkinson No7 Skincare

No7 Gentle Cleanser and Toner

So starting with the cleanser it is a really smooth consistency and really gentle on your skin too. There are a few cleansers around that are the same creamy texture that just feel a bit heavy on your skin and are very wet feeling leaning towards a milk which I personally don’t prefer but this one is actually very smooth and doesn’t feel runny, heavy or drippy when you use it. I usually do about two pumps per area so cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and it really does take off everything in one go! Its not a scented cleaner so it doesn’t have any weird smell or fragrance to make it seems better it just does exactly what it says on the bottle!

The toner again is a nice gentle feel as well in that it feels refreshing and moisturising but it doesn’t hang around on your face for a good while afterwards it sinks in in a few minutes and does genuinely leave your skin feeling so fresh and soft after use. It doesn’t have a pump or squeeze system so you do have to tip it onto a cotton wool pad which I’m not really keen on but its something I can live with it. In terms of use I personally find that three tips of the bottle works for my entire face for picking up any make up remains that I might have missed. They, like all the products in this post, are hypo-allergenic so they are gentle on sensitive skin which mine sometimes is because it can range from dry to sensitive to a tiny bit oily in places so that is definitely a bonus for me!

Next is I think my favourite product which is the exfoliator and it is actually amazing. I am genuinely so shocked at how well it works! I have used exfoliators in the past and found that a Garnier Scrub was too rough and drying, a Soap & Glory one was too drying, the L’oreal Clay Masks I found don’t work for me because they all tend to scrub my skin but leaves it really visibly dry afterwards so I wasn’t expecting anything that different to be totally honest but literally from the first use I am amazed at how smooth and nourished my skin feels. Its definitely an instant result which I was thinking would start after the first few uses if at all but its definitely one to try out. It says to use it once or twice a week but I personally just use it every other time I finish a shower because it says to apply to damp skin so I find it best to just pop it on after when your skin is damp and the pores are open from the steam and then rinse it off after its all rubbed in. If you are in a Boots I really recommend trying it because I am actually so delighted with it!

Lily Atkinson No7 Skincare

No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream & Night Cream

Lily Atkinson No7 Skincare

No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream & Night Cream

Lily Atkinson Sincare

No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream & Night Cream

The last two products are actually my first purchases the moisturisers. I must say I am impressed with them but I will admit that I tend to use the night moisturiser more than the day one. I find my skin works best when I remove my make up with the cleanser and toner and apply the night cream so my skin soaks it all in a night and leaves my skin feeling really smooth and nourished in the morning so I can put primer on straight away and have my face moisturised and nourished all day. The day cream I find also works really well for me but just not at the same time. I tend to use it if I have a morning shower because it just works perfectly after all the hot water and steam opening the pores and especially with the exfoliator scrub used as well. I found myself that using the day one in the morning and the night one before I went to bed was a bit too much for my skin and it wasn’t getting enough of a gap between applications so I do tend to use the night cream more regularly. They are both actually a fairly similar consistency to the cleanser but are that little bit richer and creamier to the touch. They really so leave a silky smooth feel to my skin and are definitely ones I would recommend to try out if your looking for a good nourishing moisturiser without a luxury price tag.

Im still in the first 2-3 weeks of using these products but so far I am really impressed. They do have a range of all these products in different ranges catered for different skin needs like ageing for example. The ones that I have here are like the basic ones for normal/oily/dry skin but there are more specific ones available. I hope you enjoyed todays post and hopefully given you a few new products to try out!

Ever Yours




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