Cold Feet : Winter Boots

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Afternoon everyone I hope you are all enjoying the week so far and you’re looking forward to Friday. Todays post is on one of my favourite subjects and fashion pieces and that is boots. If you have read any of my previous posts about boots then you will know that I virtually live in them all year round! Ankle boots with a pointed toe are my all time favourite style because they just suit me personally so much better than a round toe because I am a small sized shoe and my love for a good boot is something that I doubt will ever change. At the moment I am on the hunt for a good pair of flat boots and a new everyday pair because my usual everyday pair that I wear for work and running around town have finally decided to give up on me after all this time! Usually around this time of year is when I do treat myself to a new pair to see me through Winter as it is definitely starting to hit here in Ireland after our Hurricane Ophelia and Storm Brian in the same week! I love having a good flat pair of boots for Winter because its wetter, colder and just easier for work and driving and getting around. Im definitely getting more comfortable with flat shoes now where as last year or the year before I would never wear flat shoes to work. Literally everyday I was in a heeled boot! Below are some really cool pairs that I have found while browsing around and I must say ASOS have some really good pairs in!

I have included a good few ASOS pairs in here because they just have some really versatile, affordable styles in at the moment so I would definitely recommend having a look there because you will definitely find something for Autumn/Winter thats practical but stylish. There are a few pairs from Newlook, Missguided and Zara in here that are really stylish and detailed which are great for everyday or for dressing up for a night out. PVC and leather is all trending at the moment so I have selected a few pairs within that trend like the patent red ASOS ankle boot. I am definitely someone who prefers a black boot because I just find they go with everything so much better than a colour but I’m not a colourful clothing type of person anyway but there are some really nice colours around like the baby blue or blush pink pairs I have included.

I think when it comes to footwear its better to spend that little bit more for the quality if you are going to wear them everyday for work like I do and I know that my boots go through a lot at work with totes, rails, constantly on my feet, they get stretched at the ankle and things like that so they do go through a good bit everyday so if you’re like me and having to put your shoes through all that on a daily basis I would say to get a pair you know will endure all of it and still last a long while. At the same time when you are on a budget I would say to get a pair that is comfortable and from a brand you trust in a price range that suits you. Theres no point in overspending a pair of shoes because a blogger recommends them but after 3-4 months they are worn at the toe, the sole is starting to come away, the heel is wearing, the ankle is all stretched and they aren’t holding up like you hoped and you’re out of pocket. At the same time a cheap pair isn’t built to last. As the saying goes “Buy Cheap Buy Twice” and when you wear something on a regular basis then they are probably going to fall apart before the year is out.

The thing I find with bigger bloggers is that they recommend all these pieces and products saying how the “quality is great, they are sturdy, will last a long while” but they’re not people who are doing physical working jobs and putting the clothes or footwear to the ultimate test like you and I do when we wear something regularly. Its fine if you are getting dressed, writing a post and popping out for coffee in the afternoon and heading to an event that evening but having to actually wear something for 9 hours a day, constantly on your feet, only having an hours lunch break and no chance of changing because you can’t pop home if something is uncomfortable on you so in my opinion the people who work in stores or who don’t work from home or for themselves are the people who really test them because we figure out what the quality is and how long something lasts when its being worn on a daily basis or quite regularly.

Thats all from me today and I hope you enjoyed todays post and found some inspiration from it! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday and the weekend ahead!

Ever Yours




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