Halloween : All Hallows Eve Ideas


Rozenn Grosjean Illustration

Rozenn Grosjean Illustration Pinterest

Afternoon everyone and happy Saturday to you all. We are now ten days away from Halloween night so todays post is all about some Halloween inspiration if you are stuck for a costume or beauty for the night! I myself would not be one to go all out dressing up for halloween and might make an effort with a headband or outfits but nothing really creative or artistic like some people! There is some really cool halloween looks and make up around and its so easy to get some inspiration but how to actually pull it off is a little trickier! However there are places to get the make up kits and body accessories to create a look that is affordable and easy to use. When it comes to outfits depending on what you plan to look like on the night most stores will have items that will add to a look or give you the basics for creating it!


I am someone who loves versatile clothing and pieces so I would say that anything would work for a halloween outfit unless you are looking for something really specific. Nearly every store you look at online will have a Halloween trend section in their categories so you will be able to see their own Halloween picks which is where a good few of these pieces have come from! I have chosen some non halloween pieces as well because obviously theres so many options for a halloween look from the typical vampire, zombie to something more fun like 80’s style, emojis, celebrities etc that you could use them for everyday wear as well. Also I am obsessed with the Newlook Embellished Bow heels that I have included in here in the two colours red and black. They are very Manolo-esque I think but definitely not Manolo prices!

Halloween Decor

All these decorations are from a company called GingerRay which I think is only U.K based but they have some amazing decorations for everything! I came across this company because we actually get a few of their products into work (Newlook) as part of the Gifts range and decided to take a look at the website (www.gingerray.co.uk) to see what else they have an to be honest I wish I had an excuse to throw a party just to shop with them! They have a great range of themes from first birthdays, hen parties, weddings to anniversaries, comic themes and loads of different styles and themes. I have included their Halloween themed products as well as a few different themes like the Metallic Star plate and the Iridescent Silver Wall hangings but definitely have a look at their website!

I hope you are all prepared for Halloween whatever you get up to wether you are heading out with or without children or just avoiding the whole thing altogether! I also hope you find a little bit of inspiration from this post! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours






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