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Afternoon everyone I hope the week is treating you well! Todays post is all about Autumn/Winter coats and jackets for the coming cold months wether you live in a country like Ireland (like me) where the weather gets freezing in November / December or you live somewhere where it only gets mild and only a light jacket is needed. At the moment here in Ireland its usually colder in the mornings and at night but gets milder during the day so its not really full on winter coat weather yet but I would say its on the way as the jumpers are making an appearance (see my latest post on knitwear here if you missed it) every other day! There are some really cool styles of coats coming in for Winter including pearl details, leopard print is coming back, aviator style jackets and check prints are around too. I have below a selection of jackets I have come across online while having a browse around and Zara and Missguided have some really nice pieces in!

Red is definitely a very in colour at the moment and trending in fashion and even though I never wear red I am warming up to it because I like the pop of colour it adds to an all black outfit as a coat or boots. I personally wouldn’t wear it with blue jeans or coloured clothing but I do like it as an extra something with an all black look. Zara has some really nice frock coats in at the moment too so if the two that I have included here aren’t really for you colour wise or detail wise then definitely take a look at their stuff! There is a nice mix of styles and designs in the pieces I have included I think so I hope you will take some inspiration from this post! They are all affordably priced for the what they are as well. Theres a few in here that look way more expensive than they are and you can tell that they are pieces that you will have for a long time! Some of these are also perfect for Spring too so they will carry you through nearly half the cooler part of the year for outfits and looks too which is a bonus!

I think that when it coms to jackets and coats you can’t beat a good coat. I think everyone has that one coat in their wardrobe that they will never get rid of and that is just the perfect piece that never fails and not just with coats with everything. My favourite coat is  one I bought in Pennys in Galway about four years ago that I got for I think about €10.00 and I am still obsessed with it to this day. It’s a boyfriend style coat and a sort of tweed design and goes with almost everything and is so comfortable. If you go back a good bit on my Instagram you will find the one I’m talking about! Speak to you soon!

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