Spain In September : My Holiday

Lily Atkinson September In Spain

El Palmar Beach

Afternoon everyone I hope the week is treating you well and happy Friday to you! Today is the first full proper back to normal day back home in Ireland fully unpacked and settled in after spending the last two weeks in Spain on my holidays! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the photos I uploaded while I was there although I will say that I took a bit of a break from social media while I was there due to being out and about and not much mobile coverage etc.  As I said I was there for two weeks so it was a nice break from the usual routines of life and a nice way to end the summer!

I went with my family to stay in a town called Vejer De La Frontera in Andalusia which is a simple town thats not too built up or a major tourist destination so its quieter and less busy than other popular destinations. We went there once all together about eight years ago and my parents went again last year and it is such a nice place. We had an apartment my mother found via AirB&B with a rooftop which had a view of most of the town which was great. Its full of proper Spanish restaurants for tapas and dinner, cobbled streets and white wash buildings. Its a nice place to wander around and discover restaurants and little shops and just to walk through.

Before I left I actually ended up getting a flu literally two days before we were flying so it started with a really bad throat and then the Wednesday morning we were flying out I had a temperature, headache, sore throat etc so when it came to packing I actually really under packed for outfits and looks which I was so annoyed with myself for later in the week because I only had about five black tops, one red top, one white, a couple of small kimonos and light jackets and three pairs of shorts and obviously swimwear along with jeans and a t-shirt that I was wearing for travelling and that was it. I basically half packed and ran out of energy half way through due to being unwell and forgot to put everything else in! I literally had a list of stuff from going through my wardrobe from the week before I left! So forgive me I only have a couple of outfit photos from the whole two weeks. I had a dress ordered for the holiday as well which didn’t arrive until a couple days after I was gone because the delivery was delayed!

We got up a few things over the two weeks including a whale watching trip in Tarifa which I was really excited about because I am definitely an animal person and I love whales and dolphins and sea life and this trip happens in the Straits of Gibraltar which is between Spain and Morocco and is one of the busiest cargo routes and a lot of animals including Sperm Whales and Killer Whales travel through it around this time of year. On that day unfortunately the whales didn’t show up which was disappointing but some dolphins did so at least we saw something on the boat! We also travelled to the city of Cádiz one day which is an interesting and went to the botanical gardens they have there which were really nice to see and walk around in. We also went around the market, the main church they have and had plans to go to the highest tower in the city but it was full so we couldn’t get in for the tour!


Most days we went off to the beach in the afternoon and just stayed there until five or six o clock and then back to the apartment to change and go out for dinner. The nearest beach to us was called El Palmar which was a long sandy beach but we also had the option of two other beaches in a nearby town called Conil. One was a small cove beach which was perfect if there was a bit of a breeze because it was sheltered from it and because it caught the sun all day. The other beach we actually found by mistake near a hotel called Flamenco and it was a shorter sandy beach with a beach bar. My mother could literally lie out on the beach from 10am until 8pm if she had her way she cant get enough so there were a few days where she was the only one not lying in the shade! I will admit I have a bit of sunburn left from it still but Im definitely browner too!


For my swimwear I brought one swimsuit and two bikinis which are a mix of old and new pieces I have bought over the last year or so. As I mentioned I didn’t get a chance to photograph everything so I will include some links below so you can at least see what they look like! One was a mix of a Primark bandeau top I bought about three years ago and matching bottoms which I actually found in F&F about a month ago (which you can see here and they also have a swimsuit version) because at the time Primark didn’t have any matching briefs left and even though they were bought years apart they match perfectly. The other bikini was a khaki green halter neck bikini which I have included in a previous post (you can it read here) which had a sort of cross over detail for the top. I don’t usually go for string or scrappy swimwear because I hate having tan lines on my shoulders but its really comfy on and very flattering (and of course the day I wore it I got sunburnt and had tan lines. Typical.) and was from Newlook.

Lily Atkinson September in SpainIMG_3326

Lastly is this Bardot Frill Swimsuit from Newlook which I did manage to get a chance to get a couple of photos of! It has actual sleeves rather than going around your arms and back in one which was great for swimming because it was secure on. I love it because its bardot so you can still tan your shoulders and neckline without thinking of strap marks and it was definitely handy for covering up any sunburn from getting worse! I was looking for a plain black swimsuit for a couple of months and bought this one because the one I ordered from Missguided which ended up being the wrong size and I’m glad I went with this one. I am one of those people who doesn’t like the fussy, overly detailed swimwear that frankly could be lingerie so I wanted literally a plain black one that could be used on holiday or for swimming at home that wouldn’t leave you with odd tan lines after it so this one was perfect!

So thats all from my Spain post for you guys again apologies for the lack of outfit posts!

Ever Yours





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