Simple Night Out Make Up 

Afternoon everyone and happy Monday! Todays post is on my go to night out make up which is just a simple day to night transition look. As you all know Im not an amazing make up or beauty artist so my make up is always pretty simple wether its during the day or for nights out or occasions and its not too fussy to do for me so here is my step by step technique! Some products I have mentioned in previous posts before and others I haven’t mentioned before but all the products are listed and shown below!


Step 1. I always start with moisturiser that I leave to sink into my skin for around 10 minutes first so that my skin isn’t too oily when I start putting on my make up. I do the same when I apply primer I just leave it for a few minutes so its all sunk in and can last longer through out the day or night. For my foundation I use No7 Matte Foundation in Calico shade which I have mentioned in a previous post which you can read here. I love this foundation because its colour matched to your skin tone in store at Boots so you have no weird line if its too dark which is great! It has really good coverage as well and I have been using it for a couple months now and I love it. Its around €20.00 and its worth a purchase! I just apply it with a beauty blender because I find that it just applies better than a brush and has a better coverage.


Step 2. I do my eyebrows because I like to leave my foundation to just sink and settle on my skin before applying any powders or concealer incase it disturbs the foundation and causes it to become too heavy. I have recently changed my brow shape (finally) and have gone back to using my Maybelline Duo Satin Stick which just gives a definitive shape to the brows and the powder end fills them in without it looking too dark or heavy. I always do them second because of how fiddly brows can be sometimes and also because allows time for the foundation to settle before applying concealer or powders.

Lily Atkinson Beauty

Step 3. Next I use my concealer which is a liquid concealer from Newlook. I love the liquid concealer because it just blends in so nicely with the foundation. It has really good coverage and the colour is perfect with the foundation so its not any paler or darker. I think this one is around €5.99/€6.99 in Newlook stores but I would definitely recommend trying it out. After concealer I might just top my eyebrows up at the ends with the Newlook Brow Pencil if they need it. I also do a line of eyeliner just above my lash line literally just so that my lashes look thicker because it darkens right behind the lash line so it exaggerates how thick they are. Its only a small line but it makes a difference!


Step 4. I then contour and highlight. I use a powder contour because I personally find that the cream contours just dont work for me so this powder one works really well! I use the darker shade to do a short line on my cheek bones but not too far down. I have natural cheekbones anyway so I dont want to over do them with the contour. I also do my jawline to enhance the jawbone. Then I highlight above my contour just along the cheek bone line and dust over my forehead and down my nose. This highlight is also from Newlook and is shade Pale Pearls and I love how light it is because Im pale I like it too be subtle.

Step 5. Im not a big eyeshadow fan as I have mentioned before so I use a small subtle amount from the Strobing Palette which is three nude shades so I use the darker one just on my eye lids because it adds a subtle colour without too much fuss.  Then I apply my usual No7 Face Powder in Fair to just cover any areas that are still untouched. Before putting on Mascara I use my Fix Make Up Setting Spray which is amazing! Its €6.99 in Newlook stores and honestly it is so good. I would definitely recommend trying it out because I love it! Once that dries out I apply mascara using Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil which is also really good. It adds a great volume to the lashes and as someone who rarely uses false lashes I love a good volume mascara. My lashes are naturally long so I love a mascara that enhances them.

I dont always use this but for occasions when I’m wearing bardot tops like in the photo above I’ll use this on my collarbones and neckline. I bought this a couple weeks ago just to test it and the highlight is amazing! Its a primer, glow and highlighter in one and its so good! The shine is unreal and it lasts a really long time!

So thats my make up post for nights out which I know is probably a little plain for some people who are into make up properly but Im slowly trying to experiment a bit more!

Speak to you soon

Ever yours



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