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Lily Atkinson Pantene

Afternoon everyone and happy August first to you. I actually cant believe we are in August already it feels like we are still in Summer months and I am shocked we are heading towards Winter already! Its only four/five months until my birthday which is a mad thought considering it feels like it was only a couple of months ago! For the month of August I have my new shampoo and conditioner which is the Pantene Expert Collection in Advanced Keratin Repair. If you have followed me for the last year or so you may recognise these products from a post I did last year on their Hydra Intensify shampoo and conditioner from the Expert Collection and if you haven’t seen that post then you can take a look at it here. I haven’s used the Expert Collection by Pantene in the last while because I usually change my hair care brand and function every time I buy a new one because I have heard from hairdressers before that if you use the same shampoo and conditioner over and over your hair gets used to it so it stops providing your hair with what it needs.

So for example if you have dry hair and you buy a moisturising shampoo and conditioner your hair will get moisture but it might get greaser than normal once you have finished it so you then need a shampoo and conditioner to tackle the grease, then you might need one for more of a shine, then volume, then frizz, then dryness again and on and on so thats why I like to change it every time so my hair is constantly getting attention in every area and to stop it from getting too used to a certain product or brand.

Lily Atkinson PanteneLily Atkinson Pantene

The last shampoo and conditioner I was using for July was a Garnier Ultimate Blends in Delicate Oat and I must say it worked really well and my hair was always so soft and had such a nice shine after it so I would definitely go back to that range again. I think I bought that one on a whim because I had the Tresemme Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner which I found just did not work for me. I have used this Keratin Repair for the last two or three washes and the result is so good. It’s supposed to repair two years of damage to smoothness in two minutes and if you use a lot of heat and have drier ends or hair prone to a bit of frizz then I would definitely recommend this because it just adds such a nice shine and it does make your hair feel so soft. Its also leaves it feeling really light and not like coated like some conditioners leave your hair feeling after use. These shampoos and conditioners are a little bit more expensive than the usual Pantene shampoos and I think they are around €9 each as opposed to maybe €5 for the regular Pantene shampoos and conditioners. Its a little bit more than the normal basic shampoos but its worth the investment! Obviously there are really good expensive brands that you can buy in a hairdressers for well into the €20s range but these are just as good!

Lily Atkinson PanteneLily Atkinson PanteneOverall I am a big fan of this range and I think I will say that the Hydra Intensify is still the number one for me but this is definitely second. There is a third product in the Expert Collection which is an Age Defy range but as I am only twenty one I don’t think I need that just yet!

Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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