New Homeware : Ikea Furniture

Afternoon everyone and apologies for my absence the last couple of weeks! My head has been so involved with homeware, work and some plans for the blog that I literally haven’t had time to post! But I am back with an update on some of the homeware I have been working on over the last few weeks as my bedroom is (finally) starting to get done! I have had plans for my bedroom (I’m still living at home so its not like I have a whole house to be done!) to be redone for about two years maybe and every year there was something that delayed it but I am slowly starting to get things together. There is still loads that needs doing like the walls need to be repainted and other various things but the furniture plan is slowly coming together. About two weeks ago I went up to Dublin and had a look in Ikea and I honestly think thats one of my favourite places now. I was just obsessed with all the displays, the products, the amount of variety in products they have from wardrobes down to dining glassware. I went up to Ikea to buy a double bed and I left with a double bed, a mattress, a chest of drawers and a desk. I have listed my purchased furniture below here with all the links and they are all in the MALM collection! I would show you photos from my room but I don’t want to post anything until the room is completely finished with the walls repainted and I have all the furniture and decor I have planned!

As I have mentioned before in previous homeware posts I have loads of ideas and plans for my future home from a dining room layout, furniture for bedrooms, even the type of kettle I want (I know I sound a little mad for a twenty one year old right now) but I definitely am a planner of like visuals. From visual merchandise displays at work for handbags, my own bedroom layout, my outfits from day to day etc so I am definitely like a very visual person so I have this idea of what I want in my future home and what I want it to be like even though I am not moving anytime soon! Here is just a selection of some of the things I have spotted from Ikea that I have in my wish list. You can also see all my home decor inspiration over on my Pinterest profile!

Ikea Wishlist



So those are a few things that I have seen on the website and also in the Dublin store. The  sheepskin rug is so nice and is such a good size for throwing over a chair, as a mat on the floor or under a desk chair. Its only €25.00 in store too (You can order online but the delivery charge to different counties is different each time but I know that its €84.00 delivery to Kerry). The dining table and chair set I think would be handy for like a dining/living room as a little eating area for people if you have a get together or something. I love the idea of a mirrored wardrobe because I feel like they capture light really well and add more lightness to the room especially if you have limited natural lighting like I do as I only have a ceiling window down one end of my room. Everything else is kind of everyday furniture like bookshelves which can be used as display shelves, a shoe rack or for books, bedside tables or side tables in the living room and everything else you can use anyway that you want.

I will keep you updated on my progress with the room as it goes along but it is going to be slow progress! I will also let you know that I have a few changes planned for the blog so I am working on ideas all the time at the moment and there will be some big changes! The blog is turning four this year and I feel like these changes need to happen now rather than later on down the line which would confuse people so I have lots to do!

Speak to you soon guys!

Ever Yours



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