New : My Recent Purchases

Hello guys I hope the week is treating you well. Todays post is just an update of all my purchases over the last few weeks (well the ones that are still online). Some of them you have seen before, others I haven’t posted about yet and a few I are too recent to have worn yet! Most of them are from Newlook (surprise surprise) but there are one or two pieces that you can get elsewhere! Some of the things I have have sold out online so I will try and find similar products for you.



So some of these you might have seen before like these Missguided studded ankle boots and rose gold ring from Newlook over on my Instagram but some of these are so recent I haven’t had a chance to post them! So starting with the boots they are literally the most comfortable and perfect for work. They haven’t stretched out too much which is great because usually boots start to stretch out the more you wear them so thats definitely a bonus! They were on sale for I think around €25 (excluding delivery) down from I around €60! Theres a few tops here that I am obsessed with like the floral Cameo Rose white t-shirt which you can wear dressed up or casual (as seen on my Instagram with the checkered skirt) and the grey choker style sleeveless top.

The black bodysuit with detailing at the back is also really handy for putting under tops like the white mesh one I have here. I have a holiday coming up in September so (being an early bird) I have started getting just a couple of holiday pieces together like this Khaki bikini set, denim and white crochet shorts and sunglasses. I know its a bit early to go buying now in June for a holiday in September but I feel like if you wait for sale the chances of something being there in your size is very low so why take the risk? The other pieces are other just everyday pieces like jeans, bralettes and tops like the sleeveless shirt. The boohoo is dress is actually one of my options for the wedding in Wexford but because its really simple it can be used for holidays or night out and its from Boohoo so it only cost I think about €18.

Obviously I have new purchases every few days because of my job so this is definitely not the last post I’ll have on new purchases! I haven’t done a post on my own personal purchases in a while so I said I would catch you up on some of the things I have been buying lately! So thats everything from my last couple of shopping trips so until next time!

Speak to you soon

Ever yours



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