Weekend Wedding in Wexford

Hello everyone and welcome to my final wedding guest post! I have done two posts lately on what I was going to wear to the wedding and my search for the perfect dress and all my options but now its time to share what I actually ended up wearing! It was a mad search for something that I felt was perfect and I bought three dress and had four options from my already owned dresses and after all the searching and comparing and shopping around I ended up wearing a dress that I bought last may (which I have in two colours) for my aunts wedding that I didn’t end up wearing at all! They have both been sitting in my wardrobe with the labels on waiting to be worn and also up for sale on my Depop for the last year and Im actually very happy with my choice!

*excuse the bathroom selfie I ran out of time and light to get a full photo haha!


For this look I just kept it simple enough and not too fussy. The dress is a swing style dress so its not fitted below the bust so I put a thin white belt around the middle to draw it in and add more of a shape to it. The neck is a high neck so there was no need for a necklace with it or anything too fussy. The colour is a really nice baby/pale blue and crochet floral pattern which just made it look a bit more dressy. I matched it with a lace detailed white scarf to use as a wrap for when it got a bit colder in the evening instead of having a cardigan or jacket with me. For shoes and accessories I wore my Rose Gold pointed heels which I also have in Silver and I matched them with my new Rose Gold clutch bag.

When it comes to accessories as I said I kept it pretty simple with just silver pieces and not too much going on. I have had these silver diamond drop earrings for years and I actually cant remember where they are from but they are perfect for occasions like this. I matched them with my Birthstone silver Alex and Any ring which was a birthday present from the girls at work in December. For my make up I used the usual products (see my make up in this post) but with contour and highlight added. I did plan on using light false lashes but they literally wouldn’t stay on for me! Everything was a bit wrong that morning from my lashes not sticking to putting my contact lenses in the wrong eyes to my hair (which I changed 8 times) so I ended up with my natural lashes in the end!

It was a really nice day with the sun shining down in Wexford and the wedding ceremony and reception was really nice. The couple have actually know each other since they were twelve years old and all through school how cute is that? The hotel where the celebrations and dinner took place was a really nice venue as well. It was called The Clayton Whites Hotel and it was a really nice venue for an event on this scale. The food was really nice too and everyone had a really good night. They had a Photo Booth/props area as well which was funny and people loved! The hotel Himself and I stayed in was actually one called Farmers Kitchen which was only about 10 minutes away from the wedding hotel. Unfortunately we had to leave the morning after the wedding due to work but we still had a really fun night despite not being able to enjoy ourselves too much (its a 4 hour drive so being hungover wouldn’t have been a great idea!) and are happy to have been involved in the celebrations with the happy couple!

Speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours




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