Update : Wedding Guest Dress Search

Hey everyone and welcome to my updated post on my search for some wedding guest dress options! My last post was more of a general search for any type of formal occasion but in this one its more wedding guest specific and more of what I have been looking at and what options I have bought for myself. I am literally the most indecisive person ever and when it comes to going to events or occasions its the worst because unless I am literally head over heels from first sight with a dress then I am constantly in two minds and looking for other options. The wedding I am attending is in a few weeks and I have two options at the moment but Im not 100% convinced on either of them!

As I said this wedding is in a few days and I have no clue which one to go for! I have literally five dresses and two skirts and I am still no closer to deciding! I have the shoes and the bag but nothing to pair it with! I have definitely run out of time to go ordering anything else so Im going to do some major decision making today (Tuesday) on what I am going to wear. Im in the position where Im not know to the happy couple but there a couple of people I know that will be there so I am conscious of what I am wearing as well as taking into consideration that it is a wedding and there are certain attire regulations i.e No white or lace, nothing too short, too revealing etc. Heres hoping I find something to wear by the time this wedding happens otherwise I’m in a bit of trouble!

Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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