Garnier Rose Water Routine

Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you! Todays post is just another beauty related one on my updated skin routine as I have come across a couple of new products that I am really liking at the moment. I have a couple of skin care routine posts including this one which was my previous post on my skincare routine. In the last month my skin has suffered a mini break out and I had really tiny spots that were almost like a rash across my nose and around my cheeks and no make up would cover them properly. After getting rid of this it was really dry wherever the break out was and it took a couple weeks to combat the dryness properly. I literally used face masks, scrubs and moisturiser religiously almost every day and it would still dry out again the next day. It was calming down but still not great so I decided to try something different in my skin care routine to see could anything be done. I also had more spots come back but in the form of the bigger under the skin bumps that swell and stick around for ages afterwards as dry skin and red patches.

About two weeks ago when I was out shopping I spotted these three products and decided to try them out as I use the Micellar Water anyway and I am so glad I did. Literally my skin felt better from one use! I have always had dryish skin and since using this it has seriously calmed down! These Rose Water products are part of a new range that Garnier have out which you can check out here. This new 96% Natural Origins Range has four different product types for what your skin needs and I decided to try these Rose Water products.

The cleansing milk is a really smooth and soft way of removing your make up as it doesn’t need much and it helps your skin to feel smooth and moisturised. I found literally from the first time I used it my skin felt smoother! I used to use just the Miceller Water and a moisturiser but these three products combined work so much better for me personally. After the cleansing milk follow with the botanical toner which you just put on a cotton wool pad and wipe onto your face and leave to sink into your skin. It also removes any excess make up traces left and adds to the smoothness and softness of your skin. I actually use my Nivea Light Moisturiser at night after these two just to ensure my skin gets moisturised at night and then in the morning I put on the rose water botanical day cream and thats it. I have been using this for about just over two weeks now and I wanted to really test it before blogging about it and I personally am really happy with it! My skin is definitely not as dry as it was and is looking more moisturised during the day without going oily in the evening or dry in the morning.

So thats my updated skincare routine which I will definitely be sticking to for a while! I hope that you are all having a good Sunday and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



*This isn’t an advertisement for Garnier (you know Im not a paid big blogger anyway haha) Im not sponsored by them or anything this is literally just my opinion on these products and how I personally find them!


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