Return Of The Mac

Pinterest Rain Coat

Hello guys and good afternoon I hope the week has started off well for you all. Todays post is a trending item which is basically everywhere and that item is a rain mac. Rain coat/rain mac/mac trench coat/anorak coat is a very desirable item at the moment and its not hard to see why. We all had a rain coat at some point as a child that our parents made us wear which we hated but this time they have come around again in a much better designed and more stylish (and appealing) way. There are some really cool styles and designs around from plain blue to transparent and holographic. They would be so handy for light showers this time of year and especially if you are heading off to a festival like Longitude in July just put over shorts and mesh top. They are practical and stylish for everyday commuting to work or for more fun occasions like festivals.

These are some of the really cool styles that I found online from the usual brands like Topshop, Zara and Asos. I especially love the lilac Topshop stripe coat which is also available in white. I tried it on the other day in the Kerry store and it fits really well and its so comfortable. There is also a Newlook similar version which I have included here also in a cream colour if you’re looking for one for a little bit less. There are so many versions around so definitely have a look and try some on because you never know it may be your new best friend in the rainier months (and in Ireland you always need one at hand just incase whatever the month is!)

Ever Yours



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