Jeans – My Obsessions : Part Three

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Afternoon guys and welcome back to another Evanna Lily post making it the first one of April. I literally cannot believe April is here already we are 2 months away from being half way through 2017 already! Not to make you feel like theres any pressure with any of the plans you may have for 2017 before the year is out! Todays post is the third post on three of my obsessions that definitely won’t be changing anytime soon if ever!

This third post is on a fashion item that I literally couldn’t go without and I wear every single day without fail and I think its something that everyone wether you are female, male from your fifties to a young adolescent has in their wardrobe and that item is jeans. Jeans are an essential to my own wardrobe and are included in all my everyday and occasionally also my night out outfits too. I just love them (I currently own fifteen pairs and counting). They are such a handy thing to have wether its for casual around the house looks or everyday out and about looks, last minute night out looks, travel looks, they really are just an essential to any wardrobe and have been for decades. For me I would wear a super skinny or skinny leg style usually because I find that its quite hard sometimes to find jeans that fit me properly depending on the style. So I would be a UK 6 with a 30 inch leg and I always have to try jeans on before buying. I find on a lot of websites or with brands online is they give you the size but not the leg length option. If you check the details it will say its a standard leg of 32 inches or sometimes 33 inches which is definitely no good to me being only a mere 5 ft 2 inches in total height! A lot of the time I have two problems with buying jeans

1 – the legs are too long/wide

2 – the legs fit well but the waist is too big/baggy/wide/high.

One brand I actually really trust for getting jeans are actually Newlook jeans. I know that I work there and I mention Newlook a lot in my posts but in all honesty I find their jeans are actually such a good fit. They recently brought on a new design teams to revamp all their product so they have really upped their game in all their departments but there are some really good jeans style in right now (I bought three pairs in the last 2 weeks!). One pair I picked up are a wide straight leg style which is a style I never wear and I have to say I am really liking them! I will link some of the pairs I have below along with some other brands and styles that I have come across!

I would love to be one of those girls who wears denim skirts, casual dresses, shorts and tights or trousers for everyday but I just cant dress that way mainly because everything is either too big or the weather here in Ireland doesn’t allow it (its mostly rainy and a bit cold this time of year) so jeans really are my only option most of the time! So for now my jeans obsession lives on!

I hope you enjoyed todays post and speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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