New : Foundation and Powder

Lily Atkinson Make UpHello again guys I hope the week is treating you well so far. Todays post is another beauty post (I know I have been doing a few lately) and its on a few minor changes I have made to my make up just to try something new and to try and correct any beauty mistakes I was making before!

I have used the Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation for the last year now (you can read about here) and the coverage on it is flawless but the only thing I have found with it is that even though I bought it in Ivory its just not a light enough colour for me. It only comes in 5 colours so Light Ivory, Ivory, Soft Beige, Sand and Natural Beige. I have been using the Ivory shade but its still that little bit dark on me so I decided to treat myself to some different foundations to test them out. I did pick up this Newlook Light Beige Foundation but its just not exactly what I was looking for even though the colour is great. Usually I would be light Ivory or something just above the palest in shades but the porcelain was just too pale for me but the light beige colour works well. 

Lily Atkinson Make Up

On Friday I took a look in Boots Killarney at their selection and decided to test out this No7 Matte Foundation. I did a skin test (they have a device in store that reads your skin colour by scanning a small piece of your face to best match it to their foundation colours) and I matched with the shade Cool Vanilla. I actually did the test when I was in secondary school (about six or seven years ago) and matched with the Cool Vanilla shade then but it was a liquid normal foundation I used (not well I might add!) and at the time I didn’t use primer, powder or anything so obviously towards the end of the day it was looking a bit patchy and a bit oily so I ventured away from it but I literally had no make up skills at all back then so I used to use everything completely wrong and it was just a disaster! I once bought a Dior foundation in literally a shade about 3 times too dark and 3 times the price of my current foundations now and thought I could make it work. I failed miserably! So I decided to go back to the No7 foundation but in Matte this time because I find liquid foundations just cling to my face too much where as the mattes kind of cover up pores and flaws like a mousse foundation. I did a small test in the store to match colour and a powder to it and after using them for a couple days I must say they are my new favourites.

Lily Atkinson Make UpLily Atkinson Make Up

The foundation is lighter then a mousse but its denser than a liquid I would say so it has a really nice consistency and the coverage is really good. The colour is so good because my neck is always one of the palest areas so there is always a slight colour difference in my face colour to my neck. I decided to test out a different face powder as well because I have been thinking lately that my old faithful Max Factor Creme Puff is not matching up with my foundation and is maybe making it look that little bit darker so I went for a No7 Pressed Powder in Medium shade to match it up with the foundation and it goes so well. I may try out the Light colour just to see is there too much in the difference but I am really pleased with it. Its the same powder consistency as my Max Factor one so its not a dramatic change for me but its still a nice little change in my everyday face. I have been using Max Factor Powders for the last maybe 6 years with a few different shades tried and tested over the years! 

Lily Atkinson Make UpLily Atkinson Make UpLily Atkinson Make UpLily Atkinson Make Up

I have also changed my Mascara as I am an animal lover and against animal testing and animal cruelty and recently discovered that L’Óreal use animals to test their products (as do M.A.C Cosmetics which I have know for years which I why I have never purchased anything by them) so I have cleared out all my L’Óreal products including my mascara which I have used for the last couple of years much to my shock accidentally funding their animal testing. I decided to replace it with this Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara which has Argan Oil. Its available in Black and Blackest Black and its a really good mascara. It gives you a good amount of length and volume and the brush is exactly the kind that I like because its like a firm brush as opposed to the bristle ones which I find just turn out clumpy on my eyes so this types really combs the lashes and gets each one. 

Lily Atkinson Make UpLily Atkinson Make Up

So thats my little make up change to my usual routine and products list. You can find and see all the products mentioned by clicking the underlined words which are written in grey!

 Speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours




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