Homeware – My Obsessions : Part Two


Afternoon everyone I hope you are having a good day and week. Todays post is part two of My Obsessions posts (see Part One here) and this one is all on homeware. I think its literally in the last two or three years that I have got so into homeware and interiors so much that I virtually have furniture picked out for my house in the future. From a sofa down to cutlery thats how into it I am! I have this like vision for my future house and what going to be in it from the colour and style of the sofa, the type of crockery, glassware, beds, cutely even ceiling lights and I honestly cant wait to have a house that I can just do up and fill myself (even though its a long long way off!). I have home design and interiors magazines with things circled in them that are my ideal homeware pieces. At the moment though I am still working on getting my room done up which is taking an absolute age so all I can do is gather ideas and pieces for it and just wait until its done to start buying pieces to fill it with. So I have a few brands and pieces picked out and some other pieces I just love so if you’re looking to fill a room or a house with anything I hope you find some inspiration in this post!



Cushions and Carpets


Home Accessories

So these are all products that I have come across in my homeware searches and theres some great brands! Everything is reasonably priced but I haven’t included anything above I would say €150 so there are no crazy prices here! I hope you found this post helpful and got some inspiration from it and if not then I may have introduced you to some new brands instead! If you want to view anything on the brands website then just click the links on the images!

Speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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