Dressing For The Occasion


Hey guys I hope the week is going well for you and that you are all enjoying pancake Tuesday today. Todays post is just on some occasion wear pieces as its that time of year (in Ireland anyway) when people have confirmations, communions, weddings, christenings and those kind of more formal occasions and I myself am looking for an outfit for two of these occasions a christening and a wedding so I’ll share some pieces I have found during my search which is still ongoing!

So as I mentioned I am going to a Christening and a Wedding in the next few months to I am on the lookout for outfits! I already have the one for the Christening basically sorted I’m just contemplating on changing it a small bit. I have these Newlook black slim fit suiting trousers (shown above) with my new rose gold heels (shown in my last post) and a black jacket. Its just the top Im not sure of yet but I have an idea of it so my outfit for that is virtually sorted! The wedding outfit Im having a slight issue with because I went out and got a dress about a month ago but I have changed my mind! (surprise surprise) So now I am back our searching! The wedding takes place in the Summer so (even though it is Ireland) the weather will be warmer and brighter than now so something without a sleeve and a skirt not too long will be perfect. Also I am determined not to wear any form of black for it! I nearly always end up wearing black to things (I refer back to my outfit for the christening) so I am determined to wear a lighter colour and avoid my usual fashion habit! I am also avoiding white and lace for the obvious reason of it being a wedding! I do like the colours that are around at the moment like the light pinks, pale powder blues and light greys, Im also tempted to see can I wear red but from previous experiences I probably cant! Theres a few colour options around at the moment so I am gathering ideas.

So I will keep you updated on what I end up going with but for now Im still looking! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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