My Obsessions : Part One


Missguided Black Star Stud Ankle Boots

Hello everyone I hope the week is treating you well! My post today is part one of a few of the things that I am obsessed with and probably will be obsessed with for all my life! I am passionate about lots of things but these are ones that are definitely not going to be changing anytime soon and are the things that I literally will always spend money on wether I actually need them or not! So part one of my saga which will be three parts is on shoes which lets face it is a must have in life!

Having a shoe collection is something I definitely get from my mum and having grown up with a woman who has at least 100 pairs of shoes and boots its only inevitable that I would take a liking to them! Im a small size (only a UK 3!) and shes a UK 5-6 so obviously I was never able to like borrow shoes and to be honest its great because I get to have my own collection going and no one ever borrows mine because Im such a small size! I think I bought my first pair of heels aged probably fourteen and they were like a little bit higher than kitten heels and as I got a bit older obviously at like fifteen or sixteen you want the highest heels and at that time the platform ankle boots or court shoe was such a trend and now I would not be seen dead in them! I say as you get older your style yoyos a bit and I have gone from those platform style boots and as Im a little bit older (maybe wiser) Im all about practicality! Its all good having the killer heels that are amazing with that dress but if they are only good for sitting down events or have you dying on a night out then theyre not much good to you! I have three pairs that are my go to night out shoes because they literally never let me down. I learnt my lesson to buy comfortable shoes the hard away after a pair of boots rubbed off my ankle on a night out and I had plasters on it for about 6 weeks two years and Iv a lovely scar to remind me of it! So remember practicality over pain! Here are my favourite finds from online at the moment.


As you are all well aware I only ever wear pointed toe shoes! Even though I wouldn’t go out too much I love going out shoes. The rose gold Newlook pair I had on my Instagram a while ago as I picked them up in Cork and I could not resist them! I would usually wear a heeled boot to work too and I would only wear flat shoes to work in the Summer as its warmer and its busier around. The only other time I would flat shoes now is for driving or if doing a lot of running around in town! I already have a pair of brogues like the Missguided ones here from Primark a couple years ago and they are the comfiest shoes and go so well with any jeans so I would definitely recommend a pair! The River Island nude pair I have here remind me of Carrie’s blue Manolo Blahniks (Sex And The City) so I had to put them in! Manolo Blahniks are literally my goal shoes to own. I know once I have a pair of those Im doing well in life! Theres so many more shoes on all these website what ever style of shoe that you’re into so take a look! You can view the details of these shoes on the websites by clicking the links below the images.

Happy shoe shopping and speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



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