Valentines Day : For Them


Hello everyone and welcome to my annual Valentines day gift post with ideas for Him and for Her. Last year I did three separate Valentines Day posts for Him, for Her and for You which was aimed at the singles of the world. Todays post is on gifts for both him and her in one blog post as opposed to two. But for today its for all the couples in just one post!

For Him

Here I have just a few different ideas from different stores and brands if you are looking to give a physical gift as opposed to say a holiday or city break somewhere which of course is always a great gift too! Every guy is into something different from technology, experiences, travel, sport, clothing, food, music etc so there are so many different options for Valentines Day gifts out there to choose from! Of course you don’t always have to buy something you can create your own gift like maybe just planning a date night like cooking something at home (Tastemade has some really good recipes on their website and instagram if thats your plan!), having a movie night, just something you don’t need to spend money on and spending time together.

For Her

Likewise buying for us girls can be a bit tough on guys too but I think if you know what she’s interested in then you cant really go too wrong. There always that like joke or statement that men don’t know how to shop for women and I don’t really agree with it because I think if you have been together for a while then he’ll know your interests and have an idea of what to get you. I will admit yes there are men who are clueless about shopping and do need a few hints sometimes but I will say that if they know you well enough and put thought into what your interests are they will get it right. I know chocolates and flowers are a typical/obvious choice but its the thought that counts! Guys you don’t have to even hand the flowers as a gift you could surprise her by having them sent to her at work (like my boyfriend did for my birthday) and then have something small for her when you do see her. Again planning a date night in or out is a great idea too and don’t think it has to be a fancy place you would never go to just because its Valentines Day you can go somewhere you know that the food is good, the ambience is good and the prices aren’t insane! The main thing is that obviously she loves you so spending time together either at home watching a film or out having dinner is definitely the main idea. If you are in a newer relationship that has been going on for a few weeks and you’re doing fine but you aren’t like set on each other yet I would suggest sticking to something simple but still personal. You should know more or less her interests, hobbies or passions at this stage that you can work off of and see whats available in that area that isn’t expensive or over the top.

Thats my few ideas and a bit of advice from me anyway! I hope you find this post a bit helpful if you are stuck and I will speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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