Skincare : Current Routine

Hello everyone and I hope youre all doing well and the week isnt going too slow for you. Todays post is just on a new skincare routine that I am trying right now which involves Clinique and Nivea. So I got these two Clinique products from my aunt in England who got them from my cousin who studied beauty and I have literally never used Clinique products before but they are so good! Theyre not like made to be used together as the liquid soap is part of the 3 Step range they have.The 3 Step range is basically three different products that are suited for your skins requirements. So theres a 3 step range for oily skin, dry, dry combination etc and they give you their three products that are most suited for that skin type that you can choose from.

Foaming Cleanser//Liquid Facial Soap Tube//Light Moisturising Day Cream

So as part of my night routine I always start with removing my make up with the Garnier Micellar Water for sensitive and combination skin because I found for me personally the normal pink one wasn’t really as gentle on my skin and left it a little bit dry so I switched to the green and its made such a difference. My skin is more slight combination like its not oiley enough to be on the oiley category but its not classed as normal either. Its more dry than its oiley like usually its the end of the day my face would start get shiny and oil looking in places but I would always get dry skin on my nose and on bits of my forehead so the sensitive cleansing water is just that bit more suited for me. Then to remove any excess make up thats been left behind I would use the foaming mousse which you literally need a small dab of and you just massage it into your face and it works into a foam as you go.

To follow that I use the facial soap to get rid of any dry skin and to clean any left over oils or cleanser off of my face and honestly after these two products my skin is so soft! I always dry my face after using any facial products with a towel by patting my face dry because if you like rub your face dry it just works up more dry skin and makes it redden so it makes you think that the products aren’t working so I would say to always pat your skin dry. Then just before I go to sleep I use the Nivea Moisturiser. I know that its day cream but I find that if I use a moisturiser and a primer my skin gets more shiny at the end of the day because my primer works kind of like moisturiser anyway so I only use that everyday. The moisturiser I only really use at night or if Im having a no make up day. Its literally the softest moisturiser. Its a moisturising cream so its a bit heavier than a lotion but it goes onto your skin so smoothly and gives a really soft and light feel to your face.

Thats it from me today guys so I hope you all had a good week and enjoy your weekend! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



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