New Beauty : Contour and Highlight

Lily Atkinson Beauty PhotoAfternoon everyone. I hope your week is going well. Todays post is just on two new beauty products that I have bought recently and they are a Contour palette and a Highlight palette. As you may know from previous beauty posts that I am almost clueless about beauty trends and I am always the last person to try them out because it took me a while to find a make up look that works for me so I dont really try anything like contour or highlight or strobing or anything because Im happy with my make up look anyway!

As its a new year I decided to give it a go just to see and to have a different make up look for ocassions or nights out thats slightly different from my everyday make up without doing too much. I picked up these two at work (Newlook) to try out because I figured why spend money on a really good and fancy palette to use it not very often and to just mess around with to see what works. Im still a beginner at this so Im not posting any selfies just yet! The highlighter colours are really nice theyre are just a trio of light sparkle nude colours which can be used as eyeshadows too. Im going to try and build up my skills before I move on to smokey eye shadows and more colourful tones than nude!

Isnt the highlight such nice nudes? Ill keep you all updated on how Im getting on with them the more I use them. I will definitely be using this weekend as Im actually in London for a family party so you will be seeing a post about that when I come back!

Speak to you all soon!

Ever yours




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